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December 2020

Mae Lamu Pagoda Festival

North Okkalapa Township, Yangon Region, Myanmar

Celebrated every December, this festival represents the ancient Buddhist excursion in North Okkalapa Township near Yangon. Monks recite prayers for 24 hours at this festival. In the morning, devotees would walk around the central part of the pagoda clockwise as part of a merit-making ritual. The locals believe that they will receive good luck by doing so. Donations and offerings made for the temple and monks are highly regarded by the locals as noble and great merit-making actions appreciated by the monks. People provide the temple with monetary donations to maintain the pagoda whereas monks would receive food and necessities. Entertaining dramas and movies are played at the festival.

This festival is celebrated every December in North Okkalapa Township near Yangon. Prayer recitals last for 24 hours in this celebration. Locals participate in merit-making activities to provide aid to the temple and monks.