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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Shwesandaw (Pyay) Pagoda Festival

Pyay, Bago Region, Myanmar

During this festival, locals gather at the Shwesandaw (Pyay) Pagoda to celebrate this festival. The pagoda houses the ancient tooth relic of the Lord Buddha believed to be brought in from Sri Lanka. The precious relic is only open to attendees to visit on this particular festival, attracting thousands of people to join in the celebration. The festival is characterised by a busy market that sells an array of local goods, ranging from handicrafts, silk to food. This is a great chance for tourists to indulge in the local culture. There are also traditional plays and competitions featuring drum and cymbal orchestras.

People crowd the Shwesandaw (Pyay) pagoda to witness the tooth relic of the Lord Buddha. Tourists can enjoy walking around the market or watch traditional plays and music competitions.