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Nov-Dec 2020

Shwezigon Pagoda Festival

Nyaung U, near Bagan, Myanmar

This festival celebrates the end of the monsoon season. Every November in Nyaung U, thousands participate in this festival that features a country fair and a traditional religious ceremony. Tourists can dress like a local by donning the longyi sold by vendors who would come in with ox-carts. The market is always bustling with activity as locals and tourists bargain and purchase items. Most of the vendors’ earnings are donated to the temple. While enjoying local delicacies that are cooked and served on the spot, tourists also get to watch stage plays in this festival. These interesting stage plays tell the story of Buddhism and the Nat or animist spirits that are worshipped by some of the locals. Tourists can learn a lot about the country’s religion and its people’s beliefs by watching these plays.

Tourists can witness the country fair and traditional Buddhist ceremony in this festival. There are interesting stage plays that depict the story of Buddhism and Nat.