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News Updates About ASEAN Tourism 2

Published on December 3, 2012

A roundup of tourism news from the Association of Southeast Asian Nation's Tourism Office

Minister of Tourism and Creative 
Economy: Dr. Mari Elka Pangestu 
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ASEAN Tourism Goes Digital and Social
In January 2013, ASEAN is scheduled to launch a new-look ASEAN Tourism website in English ( and one in Chinese ( ASEAN is also developing tourism promotion pages for, the largest social media platform in China. The SinaWeibo pages are being developed with support from the ASEAN China Center. ASEAN's SinaWeibo content will be available early 2013. ASEAN will also launch its first Facebook app in January 2013. The aim is to encourage travellers to Southeast Asian destinations to share their travel experiences on mobile devices as they happen.

Indonesian Tourism Minister in ASEAN Q&A 
On November 22, Mari Elka Pangestu, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Republic of Indonesia, explained to media what ASEAN's tourism priorities should be, and why the grouping needs better connectivity and infrastructure. The Minister said: "In order to meet infrastructure needs, joint frameworks such as public-private partnerships should be welcomed." She said niche and mass tourism can easily be promoted simultaneously. More

Cambodia to Host Next ASEAN Tourism Investment Forum
Cambodia will host the 6th ASEAN Tourism Investment Forum (ATIF) in 2014. This year the 5th ATIF took place November 7-8 in Lombok Indonesia. The forum attracted over 100 private and public sector investors from China, Japan and Korea as well as ASEAN. Tourism officials and investors from Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam presented tourism investment opportunities. They detailed the incentives provided in their respective countries. A long track record of growth in tourism arrivals, enhanced air access within ASEAN, the advent of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015, and continued forecasts of strong GDP growth will continue to create favourable returns on investment, said speakers.

New Centres Build ASEAN Tourism Links with China, Korea and Japan
China has joined Korea and Japan in opening ASEAN centres dedicated to boosting economic, cultural and tourism links. China opened its ASEAN-China Centre in 2011, Korea in 2009 and Japan in 1981

In less than a year, the ASEAN-China Centre has held an exhibition on ASEAN tourism, organized seminars on destination Southeast Asia, facilitated ASEAN's attendance at the China International Travel Mart, and helped ASEAN target Chinese travellers through digital marketing.

The ASEAN Korea Centre has meanwhile held an annual ASEAN cultural and tourism fair since 2009, launched an ASEAN tourism guide book, helped Southeast Asian national tourism offices with Korean language content for their websites, provided Korean tourism trend lectures, carried out Korean language training courses for tourism workers in ASEAN countries, and organized multimedia competitions, art exhibitions and media exchanges. The ASEAN Korea Centre has even organized an annual "Bravo! ASEAN in Korea" program — a nationally televised talent contest for ASEAN residents living in Korea.

This year the ASEAN-Japan Centre has conducted a tourism exchange initiative for ASEAN youths in Japan, organized a capacity building program and implemented ASEAN network, marketing and PR activities.

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