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Published on February 5, 2015

Marking the 65th year of Indonesia-China relations, the community of  Indonesian-Chinese descendents living in China gave a cultural show in Harbin, Heliongjiang Province, in the People ’s Republic of China on Tuesday, 2nd February 2015.

Head of the Overseas Chinese Community, Chang Guo Qiang revealed that through a long history, Indonesia and China are now  strategic partners that complement one another.”Indonesia and China are two big countries that are not only important for each other, but also for the entire region” he added.

The cultural show featured  traditional dances such as the Lenggang Jakarta Dance, the Saman Dance from AcehTari Piring or the Plate Dance from West Sumatra, and more. The show also featured Indonesian popular traditional folk songs such as “Walang Kekek”,”Yamke Yamko Rambe”, “Butet”, “Cucak Rawa”, and the weelknown “Bengawan Solo. Chinese Traditional Songs and Dances were also presented during  the show.

Meanwhile,  Head of the Indonesia-China Diaspora, Yenni Thamrin explained that the Indonesian Cultural Show in Harbin was intended to further introduce Indonesian traditional culture to the  Chinese public. She further added that Indonesia has widely diverse art performances, dances, songs, and languages which all need to be introduced to the Chinese and global communities.

The relationship existing between the two countries today continues to be strengthened through efforts that include cultural relations so that the 65 years of cooperation can give benefit to both countries and its peoples.

“Through culture, we can conduct diplomacy for  national interest; culture is a form of soft diplomacy” added Yenni Thamrin.

Meanwhile, Head of Information and Socio-Cultural Relations of the Indonesian Embassy for China in Beijing, Santo Darmosumanto also said that such cultural shows are aimed to further strengthen relations between the peoples of both nations.

“Indonesia and China have a long and good historic cooperation. We hope that this cultural event can further strengthen the bonds that already exist between the two nations based on equality and  mutual respect” he added.