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Published on January 15, 2013

The Mayor of Pattaya Mr. Ithiphol Khunplume has called on retirees, investors, and long-stay visitors to make Thailand’s popular beach resort city their “second home” during this winter season, and beyond.

In a statement issued this week, Thailand’s youngest mayor noted that the city of one million “happy inhabitants” had undergone a major revamp and was now more than ready to provide the best of recreational, healthcare and infrastructure facilities. He called on them to visit the city and check out the wide offer of longer term residential opportunities.

Ageing populations in the industrialised countries, poor economic conditions, and harsh winters are leading many of the senior citizens to explore new places of residence in the warm-weather countries of Asia.

In recent years, Pattaya has witnessed extensive development in accommodation options for visitors considering a long stay, ranging from five-star international hotels and serviced apartments to guest houses, houseboats, family inns and hotels, beachside huts and bungalows. Short- term and long-term service apartments are a popular option, especially with families who appreciate their affordability, quality of service, in-room dining, safety, and amenities.

The following is the full text of Mr. Ithiphol’s statement:

Pattaya is widely regarded as one of Asia’s favourite seaside resorts; with something for everyone; it is increasingly known as the “Thai Riviera”. Pattaya caters to tourists from all cultures and walks of life, providing a safe, relaxing, fun–filled stay amongst the white sandy beaches, world-class hotels, wide variety of local and international restaurants, as well as shopping centres and markets, featuring local OTOP handicrafts to global luxury labels. In addition, with its 30+ international standard golf courses, there are challenges for golfers, no matter their handicap.

Global recognition of Pattaya’s superior quality of life, offering a wise and secure investment for a second home, has been confirmed by the UK’s highly reputable newspaper, ‘The Telegraph’ where real estate and tourism experts, including senior journalist Christopher Middleton, ranked Pattaya as one of the world’s best 20 cities for foreigners to establish their second home.

Pattaya is also home to some of the world’s finest JCI accredited healthcare establishments, making it not only a superb choice for enjoying your golden–years to the fullest, but also guaranteeing a solid choice for one of your most important investment decisions. Already a leading choice for health conscious holiday–goers as their preferred health and wellness destination, you’ll find it a worthwhile investment of your time to explore Pattaya’s more long–term holiday options.

Without a doubt, you are sure to be impressed by the multitude of modern hospitable services, facilities and amenities offered by this ocean–front city. It’s a true certainty that Pattaya will win your heart, knowing that your second home/retirement paradise can fulfill your dreams of life in a ‘heaven–on–earth’ paradise.

Pattaya’s constantly improving services and modern comforts make use of the latest technology, comfort and security innovations, assuring that your ‘new home’ not only rivals your present quality of life, but, in many cases, actually elevates your lifestyle to new levels of luxury and well–being.

All of these combined attributes and advances in infrastructure development are motivated with the intent of offering Pattaya residents one of the best lifestyle choices available on the planet. It’s this fact that has officially earned Pattaya a seal of quality attesting to its world–class healthcare, as well as a solid choice for the establishment of a second home.

If by chance you haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit our modern enjoyable city, may we please suggest that you consider honouring us with a visit. Not only will you be assured of a wonderful vacation, but the wide offer of longer term residential opportunities, seen first–hand, are sure to raise the bar on your future dreams as our famous ‘Thai Smile’ kindles new–found warmth into your heart, as well as an even larger feeling of well–being in your investment portfolio.