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Published on July 23, 2014

After 10 years of producing world-class music festivals in Indonesia with specific genre, such as the now established Java Jazz, Java Rockin’land, and Java Soul Nation, the Java Festival production will now present another brand-new international music festival featuring a concept that has never been tried before in Indonesia. Called SoundsFair, the festival is scheduled to take place from 24th to 26th October 2014 at the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta.

“We want to undertake something that we have never done before, which is to create a festival without boundaries of certain musical genres. This will truly bring greater impact and excitement among festival goers, since we will present a different event from those we already have in terms of music and ambience” said Dewi A.L Gontha, President Director of PT Java Festival Production in their press release.

“The purpose of this concept is to reach a broader market with a new choice of venue. Choosing a date for a festival in 2014 became crucial since this year it coincides with the process of the presidential elections. This eventually led us to stage the festival on dates that are relatively free from all political activities” added Dewi.

Continuing the mission to put Indonesia on the international map through music festivals, Paul Dankmeyer, Program Director of PT. Java Festival Production explained: “Soundsfair is set to be one of our international music festivals that equals festival in other countries. If past festivals in Indonesia featured one or two genres of music only, we are changing this concept and hope to get a positive feedback from music lovers, since we are creating a program that brings together the sounds of Rock, Pop, RnB, Electronic, and more in a 3-day festival”

There will also be art exhibitions next to the concerts so that the audience will also enjoy other artistic expressions besides the diverse musical genres.

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