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Published on July 24, 2014

In conjunction with Indonesia’s 69th Independence Day, which falls on 17th August the Nusantara Art and Cultural Parade 2014, one of the grandest processions in Indonesia will be shown on 18th August 2014.

Presenting the rich diversity of Indonesia’s art and cultural performanced from all offer the Archipelago, the Nusantara Art and Cultural Parade displays the rich diversity in the arts and cultural performances of the islands that will be centered at the country’s national icon: the National Monument (Monas) located in the heart of Jakarta.

This outstanding parade is initiated and organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in collaboration with the City of Jakarta

Nusantara Art and Cultural Parade 201 represents and epitomizes the arts and cultural wealth and diversity of Indonesia. The event is a creative endeavor by the county’s finest artists, artisans and cultural personalities to illustrate Indonesia’s cultural diversity involving all the provinces of the country. This is the best opportunity to observe some of Indonesia’s most fascinating art and cultural wonders.

The parade will commence at the National Monument (Monas) before marching into the Istana Merdeka (Merdeka Palace) where each troupe will perform for 2.5 minutes at the honorary stage. From there, the parade will continue to the Sapta Pesona Building (The Office of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy) in front of the Arjuna Wijaya Statue at Merdeka Barat, and turn left to Medan Merdeka Selatan, where the parade will pass Jakarta’s City Hall, to finally return to the Monas Square.

The event will involve delegates from all 34 provinces of Indonesia with an addition of 5 State Owned Enterprises. No fewer than 4,000 artists from all over the archipelago are estimated involved in this one of a kind parade. The parade will be highlighted by creatively designed traditional costumes, traditional art performances, a variety of traditional musical ensembles, and beautifully decorated floats. There will also be delegates from Jakarta’s Tourism Police who will ride decorated bicycles, hundreds of the unique Reog Ponorogo dancers from East Java, and a special marching band colorfully dressed from the Jember Fashion Carnival (JFC).

Participants for the parade have been carefully selected based on their skill and competence in their local art and culture. Each contingent may consist of 50 to 100 persons, accompanied by art directors, choreographers, composers, makeup artists, costume designers, production designers, and more.

The Nusantara Art and Cultural Parade 2014 is intended to boost the creativity of Indonesia’s Performing Art wrapped in the form of a Carnival. Moreover, the event is expected to raise the appreciation of the Indonesian people for their own country’s authentic arts and culture. Furthermore, it is expected to create a wave of creativity throughout the archipelago and establish itself as an icon of indonesia’s Creative Economy which can simultaneously acts as a major tourist attraction to Indonesia.

For more information, you can contact:

Secretary of Performing Arts and Music Industry Development

Directorate General of Art and Culture-based Creative Economy

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy

Gedung Film 5th Floor

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Phone/Fax. +62 21 79170572

Lina Verawati: 085890232192

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Photo Courtesy of Paulinus Hardi Subiantoro