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Published on February 11, 2015

Approaching the Chinese New Year,  some 165 Chinese  tourists from Chengdu,  capital city of Sichuan Province in the southwestern part of China which directly borders Tibet,  arrived in Manado,  capital city of North Sulawesi, on Tuesday, 10th February 2015. Carried by charter flight, the group consists of adults and children who will explore the beauty of Manado and North Sulawesi.

“The flight took about 4.5 hours from Chengdu before reaching Manado. In this group, there are 160 adults and 6 children who will be taken on a city tour of Manado city, the Bunaken National Park, Lihaga Island, and the flower city of Tomohon. They will also see the atmosphere of Manado as the city gears up for Chinese New Year, which is quite festive” explained Demy Cang,  tour leader of the group as reported by

Demy  added that the main motivation for these touristsfrom China’s is to visit and participate in the lively atmosphere of Manado’s Chinatown as it gears upand busies itself with all sorts of preparations and decorations for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Upon their arrival, Mayor of Manado, Harley Mangindaan stated that the visit of 165 international tourists from China is  solid proof that the tourism industry in Manado is advancing.

“Our main attractions continue to be the Bunaken National Park, the flower city of Tomohon, Bukit Kasih Kanonang Minahasa, and the Lihaga Island in North Minahasa. However, this time, the special atmosphere of the city and the activities of the people as they prepare for Chinese New Year also offer their  own special appeal” , said the Mayor.

Mayor Mangindaan  added:” They came by  direct charter flight from China straight to Manado, without transiting anywhere. This is certainly an honor for Manado and I hope that the city can emerge as a prime tourist destination in the world”

Aimed to establish itself as one of Indonesia’s top tourist destinations, Manado is continuously improving its tourist facilities and infrastructure, and not to forget its mouth-watering food.  Through consistent improvements, it is expected that both national and international tourists will have an excellent experience as they explore the splendors of  Manado, its  National Parks and the warm hospitality of the people.