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Published on September 8, 2021

Across the beautiful country of Myanmar are many opportunities for adventure. Whether you’re jumping off flowing waterfalls or white water rafting on the Nam Lang River, you’ll leave feeling lighter and energized after your one-of-a-kind adventure in Myanmar. Popular activities that visitors love to enjoy include trekking from Inle Lake to Kalaw, rock climbing at Hpa-An, and diving at Shark Cave. Here are some adventure activities you won’t want to miss when visiting Myanmar.

Nantmongyl Waterfall | Instagram @wild_swimming_myanmar

Swimming at Nantmongyi Waterfall

One of the lesser-known off-the-beaten-path gems of Myanmar, Nantmongyi Waterfall, is worth going out of the way to explore. Crystal clear waters flow through the breathtaking waterfall in the township of Pinlaung. Visitors seek out this spectacular waterfall to jump from the top of the falls into the warm flowing waters and swim along the river to admire the surrounding jungle oasis.

Pyin Oo Lwin | Visit Southeast Asia

Explore the Town of Pyin Oo Lwin

Known as the Town of Flowers, Pyin Oo Lwin is a scenic gem filled with exploration opportunities at every corner. A former British colonial town, Pyin Oo Lwin has many areas great for adventure. East of the town is the Pwe Gauk falls, which are a series of small waterfalls where people go to relax. To the southwest of the town is the Dat Taw Gyaint waterfall, which splashes in a pool of crystal clear water where visitors can swim. 

You can’t visit Pyin Oo Lwin without also seeing the town’s beautiful botanical gardens, National Kandawgyi Gardens, where you’ll find an abundance of English plants, a rose garden, and an orchid garden. Within the gardens are three museums, including the fossils museum, petrified wood museum, and butterfly museum. Take a nature walk through the gardens past lakes and winding pathways, and find a new activity on every corner, including the Rock Garden, Pagoda Island, Swamp Walk Way, Club House Swimming Pool, and more!

Trekking From Inle Lake to Kalaw

Inle Lake is known for the fishermen who have a unique technique for catching fish in the shallow waters. The Intha fishermen, who belong to the main tribe that lives around Inle Lake, stand on one leg on the end of the boat while wrapping the other leg around the oar. This technique takes a higher level of strength and balance.  

One of the more popular activities in Myanmar is trekking. If a one-day trek doesn’t satisfy you, the trekking route from Inle Lake to Kalaw is perfect for you. Ranging from two days to a week, you’ll start at the breathtaking Inle Lake, hike through the Shan hills, stay in local Pa’O villages, and visit Buddhist monasteries. If you take the challenging route between Baw Nin Khone and Than Dang, you can stay at the Tithein Monastery.

Malikha River | Visit Southeast Asia

White Water Rafting in Kachin State

Two of the most popular white water rafting experiences in the Kachin State are the Nam Lang River and Malikha River. The Nam Lang river excursion combines the thrill of Class 3 and 4 white-water through thickly forested canyons. The course allows visitors a closer look into the way of local life, which remains unchanged for centuries. The Nam Lang river trip is undoubtedly one of the most exciting journeys you can undertake in Myanmar.

Other than The Nam Lang, rafting down the Malikha River is the perfect combination of a scenic river gorge cruise and a visit to the picturesque village of Manchanbaw. From Manchabaw, you can venture downstream onto the Malikha River through forested hills and past white river beaches, where you can see villagers panning for gold. Whether you choose to raft down the Nam Lang River or the Malikha River, you’ll have fun.

Bagan | Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, Myanmar

Biking Around the Temples of Bagan

While it is one of the more popular spots for tourists when they visit Myanmar, biking around the temples of Bagan is a great way to explore the area. With the area being large, biking around Myanmar’s most famous ancient city allows you to see more and get a more intimate experience with its history. Renting a bike in the late afternoon is the best time to go for cooler temperatures and the breathtaking temple views that are iconically Bagan. 

Rock Climbing at Hpa-An

If you’re looking for a physical challenge, try your hand at rock climbing in Myanmar. Many climbing enthusiasts from all across the world visit the country to expand the rock-climbing scene. But if there’s one area you should climb, it would be the picturesque areas of Hpa-An. 

Hpa-An – Bayin Nyi Cave | Instagram @doelone_nyinyi

There are a variety of climbing routes between moderate and expert levels, with one of the main sites located near Bayin Nyi Cave. Bayin Nyi is part of Hpa-An’s signature look, being a Buddhist temple complex built on a karst formation. You can take in the view of the complex and other magnificent views of the area. 

Shark Cave | Visit Southeast Asia

Diving at Shark Cave

With over 800 islands off the coast of Myanmar, the Myeik Archipelago is one of Southeast Asia’s top diving destinations. One area we recommend diving at is Shark Cave. The cave is an underwater playground for divers who love nooks, crannies, and swim-throughs, as there are small underwater caves at the diving site. The site also provides shelter for a lot of marine life including, clutched stingrays, pineapple fish, and pipefish. Of all the sharks in Shark Cave, the large tawny nurse sharks are the most common. You will also encounter grey reef sharks. Just remember to allow them free passage without interrupting them. There is also a garden of colorful coral reefs and sponges where you can find moray eels, shrimp, and many nudibranchs.

From swimming with stingrays to chasing waterfalls, Myanmar has a new adventure at every corner. Stay tuned as we explore more adventure spots in Southeast Asia.