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Published on December 18, 2013

The enchanting splendors of Bali were yet again chosen as background to portray Beauty and Fashion as the hit reality TV program America’s Next Top Model aired the “Cycle 20”. Shot among some of the most spectacular sites on the island, the show, which has been in production since 2013, was centered at the models’ home in paradise –the AYANA Resort and Spa.

“You don’t choose Bali, Bali chooses you” said host Tyra Banks, popular Supermodel and TV personality who openly professes her love for Bali.

During their time on the island, the candidate top models visited Balinese fortunetellers, communed with the wild monkeys inUbud and paid a visit to Bali’s famous Elephant Safari Park in Taro where they spent the night and went on an elephant jungle safari. For this particular Bali photo shooting session, the models were wrapped in Bali’s own designers’ fashion collection by Oka Diputra and deaf 11-year-old Indonesian fashion prodigy Rafi Ridwan.

Banks chose the color green for the photo session which is said to have been inspired by Bali’s lush green landscape.”When I take a walk outside or look through the car’s window everywhere I see are greens with soft breezes of wind. Everything is so beautiful and serene” said Tyra Banks as reported by


Photo Courtesy Activetv