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Published on November 29, 2017

Couple about to embark on a cruise. Image courtesy of the Singapore Tourism Board.

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A cruise holiday is the perfect, hassle-free and value-for-money way to explore the best of what Southeast Asia has to offer. In a single sailing, you can experience the region’s diverse offerings – from lush tropical rainforests, mystifying ancient cities, cosmopolitan metropolises to sandy white beaches.

Cruising in Southeast Asia also presents the unique thrill of waking up in a brand new port every day. Do away with the frustration of matching different itineraries for the perfect holiday, when all that is required is a single reservation on a cruise sailing. What’s more, there is no need to constantly pack and unpack your luggage.

A cruise ship offers a host of lifestyle and leisure options that maximizes your Southeast Asia vacation on sea. Forget your troubles by relaxing in exclusive spas, treat yourself to world-class cuisines, or be entertained by top-notch entertainment and enriching activities.

Other sailing experiences in Southeast Asia

Alternatively, go on a voyage along the many majestic rivers around Southeast Asia. Learn about the Mekong River’s rich history and its scenic wonders, or cruise through the “heart” of Myanmar via the Irrawaddy River, flanked by numerous stunning pagodas and dazzling temples.

Cruise ship about to set sail. Image courtesy of the Singapore Tourism Board.

Drone’s eye view of a cruise ship at its berth. Image courtesy of the Singapore Tourism Board.