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Published on January 17, 2015

Indonesia will soon unveil yet another spectacular attraction as the development of Funtasy Island is underway on Batam in the Riau Islands Province. Envisioned to be the world’s largest eco theme park, Funtasy Island is spread over 328 hectares on one of Batam’s  tropical islands which  will also be the site for a limited number of villas carefully designed to sit harmoniously with the unspoilt natural environment.

Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya stated that he  welcomed the development of the eco-park since it will boost tourist arrivals to Batam, as mentioned  after speaking at the ” Business Property Outlook of Hotels and Restaurants to face the ASEAN Economic Community 2015″, held at the  Grand Sahid Hotel in Jakarta, 15th January 2015.

The development of Funtasy Island will increase tourist arrival to Indonesia, especially to  Batam, said the Minister, further setting  the target of a 25% growth in international tourists to  Batam this year.

Funtasy Island is situated some 6km east off the coast of Batam Island and about 16km from Sentosa Cove in Singapore. This exclusive resort is  a joint venture by PT Batam Island Marina with Funtasy Island Development (FID) Pte Ltd and Seven Seas Funtasy Venture Pte Ltd who will manage the recreational park.

Spanning over 300 hectares on an exclusive island, the park boasts a thematic haven rich in biodiversity where one can enjoy its natural setting. A diverse range of exciting attractions and a multi-million integrated ecological playground await guests who love nature. The island provides various outdoor activities and thrilling adventures from sailing, snorkeling, diving, nature walks, spas, dining and clubbing. A remarkable “Eco-theme park” experience is mainly contributed by the natural geographic formations of its location within the beautiful islands of Riau. True to its form,  the Riau Islands are  endowed with abundant tourist attractions, beautiful beaches and interesting indigenous culture. The sea is an inseparable part  where  locals go  fishing and trading. This is the perfect environment  to conjure the concept of an Eco-theme park as it has all the natural ingredients for a  perfect destination.

The 1st Phase of the development comprises of 8 key eco-zones where one can have a personal encounter with nature, namely: the Avatar Habitat which features various bird species; Rainforest Paradise which feature abundant flora and fauna, and the sights and sounds of the rainforest; Simia Adventure where one can get up close and personal with various monkey species set in a beautiful rain forest; Mangrove Safari Ride which features exploratory river adventure by the Mangroves ; Riau Jungle Explorer which is dedicated for those who wish to experience the sensation of a true jungle; Aqua Adventure for easy viewing of the fascinating underwater world off the coast; Dolphin Discovery Habitat which offers guests to experience a personal playtime with dolphins ; Deep Ocean Wonder which is designed to provide insight in almost all sea species that can be found in Asia.

Slated to open in 2015, Funtasy Island will house the World’s Largest Eco Theme Park, hotel suites and villas complementing retail, convention, dining and recreational facilities – all spread over 810 acres of beautiful  tropical islands situated in the Riau region.

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