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Published on February 24, 2015

Represented by the Indonesian Students Association (PPI) in the cities of Leeds and York, Indonesia was awarded  BestPerformance at two cultural events in England, namely : the World Unite Festival 2015 at Leeds University and the Global Week 2015 at York University which took place last weekend.

At the World Unite Festival 2015, the Indonesian participants performed an elaborate musical play which featured the Sajojo Dance, Enggang Dance, Ngapote Dance, Salama Dance, Salman Dance, and also the unique bamboo traditional music ensemble of Angklung from West Java which was combined with a visual presentation of some of the most beautiful destinations in Indonesia as  backdrop.

The performance enthralled  the audience, that it was awarded as  Best Performance. The achievement also marks the 3rdconsecutive time that Indonesia  won the award.

The World Unite Festival 2015 aims to increase awareness on the importance of culture as a means to unite all nations in the world. The event was participated in by various international student communities at Leeds University. The event featured an exhibition, bazaar, culinary fiesta, movie screenings, traditional music instruments workshop, and cultural showcases from each participating country as its pinnacle.

The success of the Indonesian Students Association in Leeds was followed by  York’s Indonesian Students Association at the Global Week 2015 which was presented by the International Student Association University of York, that  involved 14 international student communities of the University of York.

The fascinatingly intricate Saman Dance from Aceh managed to amaze the audience.  And based on the poll at the end of the event it successfully placed Indonesia on the Best Performances list for the first time ever. Indonesia ranked third after Japan and Latin America who came in first and second place.

At the Global Week 2015, Indonesia also presented some of the archipelago’s most delicious culinary delights at the Food Fiesta to promote Indonesian culinary wonders along with those of other international communities.

The two cultural events were attended by the Ambassador of Indonesia for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, TM Hamzah Thayeb. The participations of both the Indonesian Students Association were fully supported by the Indonesian Embassy and the Indonesian communities. Ambassador Thayeb also expressed that through the country’s diverse art and cultural attractions, Indonesia can effectively promote its image not only to introduce or increase awareness of the country but also to spark the  interests Of people to visit Indonesia.