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Published on October 17, 2014

Along with the increasing number of domestic and international tourists to Jakarta, the tourism industry in this capital city has kept in step with equally robust growth, said Arie Budhiman, Head of Jakarta’s Tourism and Culture Office.

In the past years international tourists to this metropolitan city has grown between 7-10 percent.

In 2013, foreign tourist arrivals recorded a growth of 7.8% reaching 2.29 million from 2.12 million in 2012, while domestic tourists also surged to 31.65 million from 28.80 million the previous year, a growth rate of 9.12%.

To cater and serve the increasing arrivals, Jakarta’s tourism industry has grown in step, recording a growth of 10.32%. “This year, we estimate the tourism industry in Jakarta to again grow above the 10%” stated Arie Budhiman, on Wednesday (15th October 2014) as reported by

Arie further explained that the strength of Jakarta’s tourism industry continues to be based on our natural resources, fascinating cultural features, and relatively affordable prices which attract tourists to visit the capital city.

“From the economic perspective, tourism has given significant contribution to economic growth. This is due to the various benefits given by this sector to other sectors in the city’s economy” added Arie.

A total of 8,112 companies in the tourism industry was recorded in 2011 that comprised 475 accommodation facilities, 3,351 food and beverage businesses, 1,299 entertainment, and 2,987 service providers. In 2012 the number grew to 8,966 businesses compromising 493 accommodation facilities, 3,679 food and beverage businesses; 1,294 entertainment and 3,500 services providers.

In 2013, tourism related industries recorded 10, 172 units which include 511 accommodation facilities, 4,627 food and beverage businesses; 1,209 entertainment; and 3,825 services providers. “The steady increase of tourists every year has caused this stable growth of the tourism industry” said Arie Budiman

To accelerate further growth of the tourism industry and boost the number of tourists, the office of Tourism and Culture of Jakarta will focus on 4 key efforts, which are: developing local communities, Product development, Infrastructure development, and Promotion.