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Papua Barat – Wayag

West Papua, Indonesia

The Wayag Islands in West Papua, Indonesia. Visit SoutheastAsia.
Photo Credit: shutterstock, Massimiliano Finzi

Indonesia’s Raja Ampat has long been known for its atolls and gorgeous undersea diving experiences—but this string of gorgeous islands in West Papua also offers breathtaking beauty above the water’s surface.

The Wayag Islands are iconic Raja Ampat sights, glimmering white-fringed emerald islands against the blue sea. Getting to these remote islands requires a few nights’ stays on a liveaboard boat, from which you can explore the local dive sites to your heart’s content—you have some 155,000 hectares of the ocean to discover! These seas contain 70% of the world’s known coral species, with a wider range of fish species than any other comparable area. 

The karst-bound landscape above water, too, inspires wonder. Visitors can climb the islands’ highest elevations (Wayag I and II)—a thirty-minute trek up steep limestone cliffs rewards travelers with gorgeous 360-degree views of the beaches, coves, and atolls.

Liveaboards heading to the Wayag Islands may originate from Bali or from Sorong in West Papua.