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Published on June 9, 2014

The 2nd Stage of Tour de Singkarak that was flagged off on Sunday, 8th June, took competing racers from 23 countries from the Bonjol Equator Monument at Pasaman to West Pasaman’s Municipal building. Covering a total distance of 123.5Km, this is a brand new route which so far was not included in previous editions of Tour de Singkarak.

The new West Pasaman Route is considered special since it presents new thrilling challenges for racers. On this new route, Iranian cyclists dominated the scene who managed to place 9 of their racers among the 10 leading positions.

West Pasaman’s Challenging New Route in Stage II Tour de Singkarak 2014

Hossein Alizadeh form Iran’s Tabriz Shahr Team was first to cross the finish line making a total time of 3:06:31. Followed in second and third place by Pishgaman Yazd Team racers Arvin Moezami Godarzi and Amir Zargari. Among the 10 leading racers, Indonesia’s own Dadi Suryadi from the Pegasus Continental Cycling Team took 9th place with a time of 03:11:31. Therefore, Hossein Alizadeh took the yellow jersey which was previously held by Kohei Uchima of Japan, while Dadi Suryadi replaced Aiman Cahyadi in the Red and White Jersey. With 6 minutes separating 6 racers who crossed the finish line first with the rest of the athletes, the gap was pretty wide.

The challenging track that featured 3 King of Mountain (KOM) spots caused cyclists to collect all their best efforts causing tight competitions.

West Pasaman’s Challenging New Route in Stage II Tour de Singkarak 2014

With the above results, the current standing of Tour de Singkarak 2014 changed since leader of the previous stage, Kohei Uchima, failed to finish with the leading group of cyclists, which dropped him out of the top ten positions.

Tour de Singkarak 2014 will today continue with the 3rd Stage on Monday, 9th June, starting from Lima Puluh Kota to the Istana Baso Pagaruyung Palace in the Tanah Datar regency, the track covering a distance of 100Km.

West Pasaman’s Challenging New Route in Stage II Tour de Singkarak 2014

West Pasaman is the youngest regency in West Sumatra, initially forming part of the Pasaman Regency. Although it may as yet not be as popular as other destinations, West Pasaman features a number of great natural attractions that include the Muaro Sasak Beach, Sikabau Beach, Lake Indah Koto Balingka, Panjang Island, Beremas River, Pigagao Island, and Batang Tonggar Waterfall.

But most notable feature of West Pasaman is Mount Talamau. Standing at 2,982 meters above sea level, it is the highest peak in West Sumatra. The Mountain is decorated with a number of lakes and picturesque scenery. Situated in Jorong Pinaga, Nagari Aua Kuning, the mountain is accessible from the village of Pinaga.