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Twin Lagoon

Coron, Philippines

Photo Credit: shutterstock, photosounds

The karst landscape of the Philippines’ Coron Island can best be seen in the brilliantly blue lagoons on its northwestern end: framed by stark limestone walls rising vertically from the sea, the Twin Lagoons invite visitors to swim in its clear waters and take in the breathtaking view. 

From the outer lagoon, visitors can swim through a gap in the karst walls to reach the inner lagoon. The waters in both lagoons alternate between warm and cool, salty and brackish—to better appreciate the color changes spurred by the mixing waters, climb up the wooden ladders placed by the karst walls and see the lagoons from on high. 

Visits to the Twin Lagoons are often packaged with boat tours from Coron that include nearby bodies like Kayangan Lake. Visitors are required to wear life preservers at all times.