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Published on January 29, 2024

With support from the Government of China, ASEAN is proud to launch the Southeast Asia Tourism Chinese Website, an initiative under the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity (MPAC) 2025, on the occasion of the ASEAN Tourism Forum 2024.

2024 is an opportune moment for the website launch, considering that this year has been designated the ASEAN-China Year of People-to-People Exchanges. The Southeast Asia Tourism Chinese Website serves as a comprehensive guide to exploring the 10 destinations in Southeast Asia, bringing diverse travel information and product offerings covering all ASEAN Member States. The user-friendly interface also offers pre-trip guides, allowing Chinese audience to plan their trips effectively. 

Available at, this dedicated platform aims to attract potential Chinese visitors. Its ultimate objective is to increase tourism flows, stimulate economic growth, enhance people-to-people connectivity, and foster mutual understanding between ASEAN and China through the power of tourism.