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Published on October 24, 2014

Brunei is blessed with a marvelous collection of marine life which has grabbed attention from all around the world. With a coastline of some 160 km along the South China Sea and many attractive beaches (e.g. Muara, Meragang and Pantai Seri Kenangan), water sports enthusiasts will be glad to discover that Brunei offers a lot of options for water based sports, including diving, sailing, water-skiing, snorkeling, regatta sailing, power-boat racing and man-powered kayaking.

For all these water-sports activities, head for the Serasa Water Sports Complex at the beach with the same name (Serasa) or make a trip down to Temburong for a really good time.  

BRUNEI MAP, with Temburong district; Source: www.

Brunei diving at its 30+ dive sites is burgeoning and diversified. The 4500 hectares of coral reef and coastline form oases for rays, hammerhead sharks, grey tip sharks and many tropical fish and corals. Surrounded by colourful coral pinnacles, shipwrecks and disused oil rig platforms, Brunei offers a vast selection of different diving types that is only beginning to attract international attention.

Bolkiah wreck, south of Two Fathom Rock, Brunei; Source:

Last year, Brunei Tourism launched the “Discover Brunei Diving” application to help spur interest in local diving sites. The application includes all the diving essentials such as Global Positioning System (GPS), locations, maps, photos and depth and visibility levels for each of the dive sites listed, as well as safety information and travel tips.

While diving in Brunei is year-round, the best season is usually from March to October, when the lighter South-West Monsoon (the dry season) means calmer winds and water temperatures between 27 to 29 degrees Celsius.

Beautiful dive sites, Brunei’s waters;Sources:  /

Another unique experience now available in Brunei is sailing. The water on the Brunei River is always calm without waves or reefs, to the extent that there is no possibility of getting sea sick; Brunei is a safe area to go for sailing.

The Brunei River is a beautiful location[1] and locals and tourists alike can get a feel for what Brunei looks like from the water. They will be surprised at how different the country looks from the waterside while exploring the many natural sites and areas the river contains. 

Professional sailing (left) and recreational sailing (right; Serasa beach), Brunei

Sources: (left) and (right)

The calm waters of Brunei; Source:

If you’d prefer something a little bit more off the beaten track, take a boat tour to a secluded mangrove island and explore to your heart’s content. Other deserted beaches and beautiful bodies of water surrounded by rainforest and bamboo groves are easily found throughout Brunei.

Brunei: the perfect place to relax and enjoy the local environment through water sports; feel the wind on your face letting daily life worries disappear.

We may refer here to a previous article this month on the country’s attractions, in which the same river was mentioned in respect of Brunei’s soft adventure opportunities, while it also houses the famous water village, Kampung Ayer, on its banks)