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Published on May 25, 2014

Following the success of its inaugural edition last year, the Bromo Marathon 2014 is returning to highlight the magnificent Mount Bromo in East Java on 7 September 2014 participated by hundreds of runners.

The event will feature three categories of competition, including: the Full-marathon distance (42.195 km), the Half marathon distance (21.0975 km), and 10 kilometer run. The start and finish line for the event will take place in the Village of Wonokitri – in the heart of the Tenggerese culture in East Java. Here Hindu descendants of Java’s ancient Majapahit rulers have retained both their religion and culture. The Full Marathon will start off at 7:00 am with the Half-Marathon starting a half-hour later, and the 10-kilomter run a half-hour after that.

Scheduled to take place in arguably one of the most dramatic settings on earth, the event will take competing runners through villages surrounding the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park and along the Tengger caldera. The course also provides a diversity of terrain with half the route on paved road, and half on dirt trail. Incorporating several hills throughout the run, elevations varying from 1,400m to 2,400m.

Leaving Wonokitri, runners will begin the first stretch of the race off-road, running along the beautiful hills of the Tengger mountain range to the small village of Podokoyo where the route meets a paved road. Here they continue downhill to the village of Tosari where stands a stunning Hindu temple. From Tosari, runners will go off-road again, exploring the beautiful green hills of the Tengger range before arriving at the village of Ngadiwono where they will ascend the main road to the village of Mororojo. Turning at Mororojo, runners will continue to the village of Ngawu, site of another ancient Hindu temple.

From Ngawu the course climbs a winding path on dirt trails leading to the caldera rim overlooking the memorable moonscape of the volcanic park. At the Dinglik Viewpoint the route returns to pavement for a climb to the peak of Mt. Pananjakan where those running against the clock will be torn between continuing the race or stopping to enjoy the commanding view of the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park. It’s all downhill for the final stretch back to Wonokitri for the total marathon course of 42,195 kilometers.

Last year, over 900 runners and 5,000 spectators from over 30 different countries swarmed to the tiny, isolated mountain village of Wonokitri to take part in the first ever Bromo Marathon. More than just a race, the Bromo Marathon is a total community effort for the advancement of education in rural Indonesia’s Tengger region. The Bromo Marathon works alongside various community members to establish an event which aims to improve education, health, and economic prosperity throughout the many low-income, low resource communities inhabiting the region.

Continuing the work from last year, this year’s Bromo Marathon mission is again to advocate the importance of literature, critical thinking and creativity through reading. As a 100% for charity event, all proceeds will go to the support of local schools through the development and advancement of school library facilities in the surrounding communities.

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