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Published on June 10, 2014

The 3rd Stage of Tour de Singkarak (TdS) 2014 took place on Monday, 9th June 2014 starting at the Municipal building of Limapuluh Kota Regency and finishing at the Istana Basa Pagaruyung Palace.

Covering a total distance of 100Km, the stage again presented a most exciting race among international cyclists at the thrilling Kelok 9 (The Nine sharp bends ), Pauh TInggi, and Pato Peak.

Iranian cyclists again emerged victorious as Ramin Mehrbaniazar from the Pishgaman Yazd (PKY) Team became the first to cross the finish line at a recorded time of 2:32:54. Coming close in second place, Indonesian cyclist Dadi Suryadi from the Pegasus Continental Cycling Team (PCT) recorded the time of 2:32:59. While completing the podium of finishers, was Japanese Hatsuyama Sho from Japan National Team who took on 3rd place.

With the results of the 3rd stage, Iranian cyclists still dominated the general standings with Amir Zargazi from Pishgaman Yazd (PKY) Team sitting on top position making a total time of 7:51:36. Second place went to Arvin Moazemi Godarzi with the total time of 7:53:01, and not too far behind in third place was Hosein Alizadeh with the total time of 7:53:11.

In the ASEAN category, Dadi Suryadi managed to hold on to the Red and White Jersey, while Philippines’ racer Boots Ryan Cayubit from Team 7 Eleven Roadbike and Indonesian Bambang Suryadi, followed in second and third place. In the King of Mountain category, Ramin Mehrbaniazar ranked first, followed by his teammates Amir Zargazi and Arvin Moezami Godarzi.

Limapuluh Kota is a regency in the eastern part of West Sumatra, situated some 124Km from Padang, capital of West Sumatra Province. This is where the awe inspiring Harau Valley is located. A lush green valley highlighted by stunning rock cliffs of the Bukit Barisan Mountain Range, the valley is a paradise for those who enjoy rock climbing and is great for cycling. Aside from Harau Valley, the regency also offers other natural attractions including the Burai Waterfall, Sarasah Tanggo Waterfall, Aia Sonsang Lake, and the picturesque Tapuang Hill.

From Limapuluh Kota to Padang Panjang, racers had to face one of the most challenging courses of Tour de Singkarak 2019: the Kelok 9, literally translated as the Nine Sharp Bends, The area got its name from the 9 sharp curves in the road anyone will encounter when descending downhill. The road itself was said to have been built since the Dutch Colonial Era (1908-1914).

Another challenge also presents itself in the ascending track of the Kelok 9 Bridge. This 943 meter bridge spans the roads between hills with the 2,089 main road located within a natural forest reserve.

With fine architecture and having applied the green construction concept, the bridge, built since 2011 and finished in 2013 was designed by Indonesia’s own architects, and was recognized as a monumental icon of National Construction by Indonesia’s President, Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono.