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Published on March 6, 2015

The annual Festival Bumi Rafflesia, otherwise known as Festival of the  Land of the  Raffesia,  is planned for June 2015 this year, and is aimed to boost the  promotion of  the province of Bengkulu and attract more visitors to this destination,  explained Rudi Perdana, Head of the office of Culture and Tourism of Bengkulu Province as reported by

The  Rafflesia Arnoldii flower,  the icon of the province,  has  also been  adopted as the Festival’s main highlight, since  this largest flower in the world is  found predominantly in the forests of Bengkulu.

Known as Padma Raksasa (Giant Padma) in Bahasa Indonesia,  the Rafflesia Arnoldii has been designated one of Indonesia’s  three National Flowers by Presidential Decree No. 4 of 1993 which gave it the title of Puspa Langka or the  Rare Flower. In Bengkulu  the continued preservation of this rare Rafflesia flower and its careful conservation in  its forests is indeed  the main attraction of the festival.

 First held in 2013, the Festival Is aimed in particular to attract  those who enjoy  adventures in nature. ” We have a number of exciting ecotourism destinations that include treks to  the site of the rare rafflesia flowers in Bengkulu’s rainforest  and a visit to  the habitat of the Sumatran Elephants,  added Rudi.

The festival will be highlighted with a variety of  programs and activities that will present the best of Bengkulu. Last year, the festival also featured a mass batik painting event , a triathlon, national offroad competitions, art and cultural performances, song writing competition, a tourism pageant, bazaar, exhibition, and more.