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Published on November 4, 2014

The Center of Statistic Bureau (BPS) recently released the total number of international tourist arrival to Indonesia until September 2014.

Total January-September arrivals through all of Indonesia’s entry ports came to 6.95 million, a significant increase of 8.31% compared to the same period last year, reached 6.41 million. This growth is consistent with   past average increases of 8%,  and, therefore,  bodes well that this year’s target to reach 9.5 million  international tourist arrivals will be achieved.

All foreign tourist arrivals are recorded once only at arriving gateways,  and are no longer counted at following destinations they travel to, so that data shown are pure arrivals through Indonesia’s many air and sea ports.

During  the month of September 2014 , Indonesia welcomed  791,300 visitors which is an  increase of 2.65% compared to September 2013 last year.

Room occupancy rate of star-rated hotels in 27 provinces in September 2014 also recorded a slight increase of 0.19% from 54.02% in the same month last year to 54.21%. Compared to the previous month of August 2014, the number also showed an increase of 2.19%.

While the average length of stay of international tourists in star-rated hotels in 27 provinces for the month of September also increased to  2.02 days or up  0.12% compared to September last year.

The Lombok International Airport on Lombok Island, in West Nusatenggara Province recorded the highest growth of 70.59%, followed by the Minangkabau International Airport for Padang, West Sumatra with agrowth of 24.58%.

Next year 2015, the target of foreign tourists arrivals is to welcome 10 million. The new Government under President Joko Widodo aims to reach 20 million by 2020 through more active use of ICT and better inter-island and inter-destinations connectivity.