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Makassar, capital of South Sulawesi Province, will host the Asian international Water Ski Competition entitled Makassar Asian Cup to take place at the Tanjung Bunga Coast, from 5th to 7th September 2014.

The Asian Water Ski event will see competitions in a number of categories including slalom, tricks, jumping, overall, and Wakeboard. Athletes who wish to participate in the competition need to meet certain requirements based on ranking system. This implies that not all athletes can compete in the event since priority will be given to those with vast experiences in tournaments and those who hold top ranks in Asia.

General Secretary of the South Sulawesi branch of the Indonesia Water Ski and Wakeboard Association (PSAWI), Ismail Sellery said that Makassar was chosen to host the event since it is deemed to be the most prepared and considering that Makassar was where water skiing was first developed in Indonesia.

” Our experience in staging a substantial number of successful local and national tournaments was among the considerations why Makassar was chosen to host this important event. We are truly grateful and are most certainly committed to hold a successful event here in Makassar” said Sellery as reported by

Initially, the Water Ski Competition was scheduled to take place in Padang, capital city of West Sumatra. However due to some circumstances, the venue was moved to Makassar.