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Published on August 6, 2014

The majestic Mount Rinjani with its enchanting Segara Anak Lake on the island of Lombok will be the arena for an exceptionally challenging running event entitled Mount Rinjani Ultra 2014 scheduled to take place from 8th to 9th August 2014.

Mount Rinjani Ultra is a unique ultra-long distance trail running race which involves running from the dark hours before dawn and continues all day across mountainous terrain. Featuring trail running in an ultra distance running or ultra marathon, this is a special sport that truly challenges the stamina and endurance of participants and one that requires them to have undertaken some necessary training to take part.

Carrying the theme” Wonderful Challenge”, The Mount Rinjani Ultra is divided into two categories: The MRU (Mount Rinjani Ultra) covering a total distance of 52km which will take runners to the summit of Mount Rinjani ; and the RAR (Rinjani Altitude Run) a 21km course which covers the route from Senaru – Plawangan Senaru – Senaru.

This race will start from Senaru at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level passing through dense forest vegetation with ground track along 8.5 km followed by 2 km of rocky hills with views of savannahs along the way to Plawangan Senaru. Upon reaching Plawangan Senaru (2600 m.asl) runners will be presented with the stunning panorama of Lake Segara Anak with the Summit of Rinjani in the distance. The course for the RAR (21km) category takes runners back to Senaru where they will cross the finish line.

For the MRU (52km) category, the route continues down the hills, highlighted with steep boulders and pine trees along the 3 km dirt track to Lake Segara Anak (2000 m.asl). Runners will be presented with the beautiful view of the lake as they continue to climb to the next stop at Plawangan Sembalun (2600 m.asl).

The real challenge and the heaviest part of the Ultra Run is the 5 km ascent to the peak of Mount Rinjani which lies at an altitude of 3,726 meters above sea level. The ascent starts mildly with solid sand track followed by thick and soft sand track, then into solid sand track and gravel. Eventually, the last 2 km towards the Summit, around above elevation 3,400 m.asl, runners are presented with the challenge of the relatively steep climb to the Summit of Rinjani. This the toughest part of the race especially if the wind is blustery and the weather foggy.From the summit, the course continues downward back to Plawangan Sembalun and subsequently the finish line in Senaru.

Mount Rinjani Ultra 2014 is organized by Trail Runner Indonesia ( a Non-Profit Organization) and Rinjani Mount Expedition Team (Tour Provider-Guide Association), supported by Mount Rinjani National Park, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, and the North Lombok Regency.

More Information is available at the event’s official website: