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Published on July 2, 2014

Sabang Fair 2014

A grand cultural event, the  Sabang Fair 2014 is ongoing at the Sabang Fair Arena, in the town of Sabang, on Weh Island, in the province of Aceh. The event commemorates the 49th anniversary of Sabang Town and aims to preserve its unique culture.

Sabang Fair 2014 commenced on Wednesday, 18th June 2014, with a cultural parade which took  the route from Sabang’s Pujasera (Food Center) to the Sabang Fair Park Arena. The cultural parade was participated by delegates from 15 cities and regencies across Aceh.

Among the many  exciting activities, the event  features various competitions in  contemporary dances, Aceh’s traditional comedy shows known as  Cagok, traditional music, and Aceh’s folk theatre.  As many as 53 art groups consisting of 21 dance groups, 9 cagok (comedy) groups, 14 music groups, and 9 theatrical groups are competing to fascinate the judges and audience of the event.

The pinnacle of Sabang Fair 2014 will take place on Tuesday, 24th June 2014,  featuring performances of some of Aceh’s best talents including Seuramoe Reggae, Grup Singa Nagan, Amoba Band, Yafi ‘n Friend, The Prak Band, and more.

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