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Published on August 21, 2014

The spirit of indonesia’s 69th Independence Day on 17 August reverberated across the globe.

Following the joyous celebrations and festivities held across the archipelago since 17th August, including the presentation of the Grand Nusantara Art and Cultural Parade in Jakarta, these festivities now continue to the Netherlands from 20th to 22nd August 2014 where a festival named The Pride of Indonesian Heritage is taking place at the Embassy of the Republic Indonesia at Tobias Asserlaan 8, 2517 KC, The Hague.

Indonesian Ambassador for the Netherlands, Retno LP.Marsudi, told the press that Indonesia’s Independence Day is the perfect momentum to promote and present creative and valuable works of some of Indonesia’s finest talents.that are deeply rooted in rich indigenous cultures, and showcase these to the international market.

Visitors will be presented with some of the finest fashion and handicraft products from two Indonesian renowned designers: Deny Wirawan and Tuty Cholid. An array of Indonesian artworks such as the tenun handwoven fabrics, batik craft, wooden carvings, silver arts, leather arts, and all sorts of other modern creative products for lifestyle and fashion will be showcased. There will also be an exclusive diplomatic reception,an Indonesian Diaspora forum, as well as business meetings.

The Pride of Indonesian Heritage is a Corporate Community Responsibility Program (CCR) of PT.BNI Inc (The National Bank of Indonesia) which aims to support the creative industries joined in the Kampoeng BNI partnership. The program also involves overseas Indonesian communities (Diaspora) living in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, and other countries.

“The Pride of the Indonesian Heritage” is held in collaboration with the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague in an effort to promote and market the products of the Kampoeng BNI in foreign countries, particularly in Europe” said CEO of BNI, Gatot Suwondo

In line with the BNI motto, “Bridging Indonesia with the World”, BNI wishes to promote local creative industries and sustainably link their partners with European and other foreign markets through Indonesian communities living abroad.

Indonesia’s Independence Day Commemorations in England

Meanwhile, The Indonesian Embassy in London also held festive celebrations to commemorate Indonesia’s Independence Day on Sunday, 17th August 2014. Patriotic songs such as Gombloh’s monumental hits “Kebyar-kebyar”, “Pahlawan Merdeka”, “Sepasang Mata Bola”, and more were played, which radiated a strong sense of nationalism and a closer bond among those present.

After the official flag raising ceremony in the back lawn of Wisma Nusantara, residence of the Indonesian Ambassador at Bishop’s Avenue, North London, Indonesian Ambassador Hamzah Thayeb and his wife Lastry Thayeb mingled with the Indonesian crowd at the bazaar organizedd by the Indonesian communities living in England.

Over 2,000 Indonesians living in England joined in the festivities, participating in various games and competitions that offered the grand prize of Garuda Indonesia London-Jakarta tickets and other interesting prizes.

The food bazaar was initiated by the INDUK association comprising Indonesian domestic workers in London. Various distinct Indonesian treats were presented at the food bazaar such as rujak cingur, Mie Ayam, nasi rames,telur asin , Kikil pedas,Tape singkong , onde onde , lemper,rempeyek ,Nogosari, and other mouth-watering popular dishes which were finished in no time.