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Tender Opportunity : ASEAN Tourism Integrated Marketing Campaign 2019 Project

Published on March 6, 2019

Project: ASEAN Tourism Integrated Marketing Campaign 2019

1. Background
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, was established on 8 August 1967 in Bangkok, Thailand, by the founding fathers of the original ASEAN countries; namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. The nations of Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Viet Nam have since joined this regional grouping.

At the ASEAN Tourism Forum 2016, ASEAN Tourism Ministers launched the ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan (or “ATSP”) 2016-2025, which outlines ASEAN Tourism’s vision, direction and strategy throughout the course of 10 years. Within the framework of ATSP, ASEAN National Tourism Organizations (ASEAN NTOs) developed the ASEAN Tourism Marketing Strategy (ATMS) 2017-2020 as a guide for ASEAN NTOs when embarking on marketing activities during the stated period.

In other words, while each Member State will continue to promote their own countries, the 10 ASEAN Member States through the ASEAN Tourism Marketing Partnership Working Group (ATMP-WG) also work to promote Southeast Asia together, as guided by the ASEAN Tourism Marketing Strategy. Collectively, ASEAN Member States aim to promote multi-country travel within this region, positioning Southeast Asia as a single tourism destination.

A full document of ATMS is available at:


2. ATMS Vision and Strategic Objectives
The vision of ASEAN Tourism Marketing Strategy (ATMS) 2017-2020 is to build awareness of Southeast Asia as a unique, sustainable and inclusive tourism destination.

The strategic objectives are as follows:
a) Raise awareness of the unique qualities of Southeast Asia and inspire travel;
b) Develop an integrated, digitally-focused marketing action plan that provides an action framework for the ASEAN NTOs;
c) Develop a strategic implementation process based on collective programs / mechanisms with key industry partnerships; and
d) Promote innovative regional visitor experiences that meet the development needs of the member countries.

In brief, the key focus of the ATMS implementation are to: 1) raise awareness, 2) go digital, and 3) build partnerships.


3. ASEAN Tourism Integrated Marketing Campaign
The current ASEAN Tourism brand is called “ASEAN Southeast Asia: Feel the Warmth”. The brand aims to position ASEAN region or Southeast Asia as a diverse, unique single travel destination, and to inspire multi-country travels in the region.

The brand audit recently conducted by ATMP-WG has showed relatively low awareness of ASEAN / Southeast Asia Tourism brand particularly in some key international source markets. To generate a greater awareness in long haul markets such as Europe, North America and Australia, there is a need to develop and implement a new creative and integrated marketing campaign. To expand the outreach and maximise the impact, the campaign can consider collaborations with key influencers/personalities and/or partners.

As such, the ATMP-WG is seeking to appoint an experienced creative agency that will help design, execute, and implement the ASEAN Tourism integrated marketing campaign to promote Southeast Asia travels, and to enhance the awareness of the ASEAN tourism brand.

Main goals of the Marketing Campaigns:
To inspire travel to Southeast Asia and raise awareness of ASEAN / Southeast Asia tourism through collaborating with partners and key influencers/personalities.


4. Scope of Work
a) Develop and implement online and social media strategies to promote Southeast Asia travel and maximise the awareness of ASEAN tourism;
b) Advise on the design of appropriate communication strategies and tools to be used in the campaign for the target markets of the campaign, i.e. Europe, North America and Australia;
c) Identify like-minded partners to jointly implement the campaign and ensure the collaborations bring about the desired outcomes for all parties;
d) Identify suitable influencers/personalities who can best amplify the ASEAN brand and inspire travel to Southeast Asia;
e) Work with the ATMP-WG in setting key performance indicators for the campaign;
f) Provide creative services and assist in the design and layout of ads / banners / artwork when required;
g) Regularly review the plan and make adjustments for improvement where appropriate; and
h) Prepare a proposal of the integrated marketing communication plan with a timeline and budget;
i) Provide monthly updates to the ATMP-WG and submit a report upon the completion of the campaign; and
j) Towards the completion of the campaign, assess the outcomes of the campaign and assist the ATMP-WG in the crafting of the succeeding campaign incorporating the insights and recommendations from the campaign evaluation.


5. Time Frame
The selected marketing agency will be contracted for the service of six (6) months during May – October 2019.


6. Schedule of Deliverables

Milestone Timeline Comment
Submissions of proposals to ATMP-WG Mar 18th 2019 Proposal to be submitted with the company profile, work plan and list of previous marketing campaigns with collaboration arrangements, as well as proof of achievements.
Service agreement signed April 25, 2019  –
Campaign development and implementation May 1st – Oct 31st 2019 Ongoing consultations with ATMP-WG
Submission of monthly report Latest by the 10th of each month  –
Submission of campaign report Nov 30th 2019  –


7. Qualifications and Requirements
a) At least 5 years of experience in developing and implementing international marketing campaigns, especially involving partners and influencers, with a proven track record;
b) Thorough understanding of the ASEAN tourism brand recognition and unique selling points;
c) Specialised in marketing communications, particularly in online and social media strategies. Work experience in destination marketing would be an advantage;
d) Possess strong connections with global brands and key influencers;
e) Experienced in organizing fam trips for influencers and collaborating to ensure the target outputs;
f) Knowledgeable in tourism demand and consumer perspectives on ASEAN or Southeast Asia tourism;
g) Able to communicate and work closely with the Marketing Coordinator and ATMP-WG at remote working stations and potentially different time zones; and
h) Possess high English proficiency.

Proof of the above should be illustrated as part of the proposal and quotation submitted.


8. Proposal and Quotation
Interested companies are invited to submit proposals with a quotation in US Dollar at the range of USD 20,000-30,000 nett, inclusive of service fees, travel costs, all expenses required to deliver the work as stated above, and any applicable government taxes.


The deadline for proposal submission is on March 18th 2019 at 5:00PM (Bangkok Time). Proposals should be sent to Ms. Dee Suvimol, ASEAN Tourism Marketing Coordinator, at