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11 February 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia

1. The ASEAN Member States would like to share our deepest sympathies to countries impacted by the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) which has taken lives indiscriminately. Our thought and prayers are with family and friends who are affected by the virus and in hope that we will be able to fight this outbreak.

2. Our Ministry of Health and related government agencies are taking precautionary action and measures to contain the situation at each member states. Thus, prior traveling to our region kindly observe the travel advisory and announcement on the situation update which you can find from this page.

3. We would advise all travellers traveling to our region to remain vigilant and to take necessary measurement as advised by each individual member state and World Health Organisation (WHO).

4. We would like to share our sympathies and stand united with our dialogue partner China for their tireless and endless effort to overcome the outbreak.

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