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Published on May 27, 2014

The number of Asian tourists to Bali has surged during the first four months from January through April 2014, according to data from the Bali Tourist Office. Highest growth was experienced in the Singapore market that expanded by 51.79% in the four months period of 2014, totaling 52,385 in direct overseas arrivals compared to 34,511 during the same months last year.

Chinese tourists to Bali saw a growth of 49.4% to reac h 191,433 visitors compared to the first four months of last year with 128,134 passengers. The Malaysian market came third with an increase of 16.48% from 55,693 tourists last year to 64,863 this year. The Korean market also grew by 10.62% to 40,483 in 2014 from 33,778 in January-April 2013.

The Japanese market contracted somewhat to 59,815 visitors. There were 10,325 tourists from the Philippines, 10,093 from Thailand and 9,367 from Hong Kong.

The top market to Bali was still held by the Australians. There were 280,306 Australian tourists who arrived by direct overseas flights to Bali this year.

The obvious surge in Asian tourists to Bali is caused by more frequent and more convenient direct international flights to the island, and Bali being a short or medium haul destination, said Tjokorda Gede Agung, tourism observer, as reported by

The above numbers donot include international passengers who have entered Indonesia through Jakarta or other cities in Indonesia and continued on domestic connections to Bali.