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Published on March 12, 2015

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tokyo in collaboration with Garuda Indonesia Airlines and the ASEAN-Japan Center will present the first ever special exhibition of “Indonesia Galore” from 14th to 16th March 2015 at the AJC Hall, Tokyo, Japan.  

A showcase of Indonesia’s paintings and best kept secret tourist destinations, the Indonesia Galore is an opportunity to see Indonesia up close and personal through the eyes of art and to taste its culinary riches, as well as experience Indonesia’s coffee drinking culture. The event will also feature seminars and presentations revealing some of the most fascinating tourist attractions from both the western and eastern parts of Indonesia.

The event is aimed to further promote Indonesia as a whole so that Indonesia will not only known for Bali,  since other areas such as North Sulawesi and West Sumatra have equally fascinating wonders. For instance, the unique distinct culture of West Sumatra will be represented through the rich taste of “Padang Food” and the world renowned “Rendang”dish. 

“Aside from bringing Indonesia closer to the Japanese public through various art and cultural features and culinary delights, the event will also be a media to introduce new and emerging destinations to the Japanese market. This is also in accordance with the mission of the ASEAN-Japan Center to diversify tourism products in promoting outbound tourism” explained Director of Tourism Division of ASEAN-Japan Center, Dananjaya Axioma.

Dananjaya also added that the event will be special since it involves the Indonesian Diaspora communities in Japan as performing artists, dancers, speakers, chefs, and more. “Our participation in this event is a manifestation of our contribution in the development of tourism in Indonesia and  our desire to introduce our homeland to a broad Japanese public” commented Nofalinda Tsukada, of Minangkabau ethnic descent from West Sumatra who has lived in Japan and who will be appearing as speaker at the “West Indonesian Culture and Tourism” seminar,  alongside the Tourism Director of AJC.

The opening of the Indonesia Galore will also be highlighted with a New Year Networking Activity with invited members of the media by the  ASEAN-Japan Center, the Indonesian Embassy, Visit Indonesia Tourism Office (VITO), and Garuda Indonesia Airline.

Dananjaya also explained that the collaboration of Indonesia Galore is a concrete show of  support of the ASEAN-Japan Center to the  ASEAN countries in its effort to boost outbound tourism from Japan. Dananjaya who is also a member of the Board of Directors of ANTOR-Japan (Association of National Tourist Office Representative in Japan) expects that Indonesia Galore can become a regular agenda to be held annually at the ASEAN-Japan Center or the Indonesia House of Culture.

Indonesia Galore’s Schedule is as follows:

14th-16th March:

Paintings and Photography Exhibition

14th March:

  1. West Indonesia Seminar:

–          Presentation on West Indonesia’s Culture and Tourism (Dananjaya Axioma, Director of Tourism & Exchange AJC)

–          Presentation on West Sumatra (Nofalinda Tsukada, Pariaman Tourism Officer in Japan)

  1. Artist Talk: I Ketut Suarjana

15th  March:

  1. East Indonesia Seminar:

–          Presentation on East Indonesia”s Culture and Tourism (Dananjaya Axioma, Director of Tourism & Exchange AJC)

–          Presentation on North Sulawesi (Priscille Takabe, Manado Tourism Officer in Japan)

Artist Talk: Yuli Purwanto