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Published on October 25, 2014

of communities to engage in sport activities, which will establish Jakarta as a world class sport tourism destination.

Meanwhile, Head of the Office of Tourism and Culture of Jakarta, Arie Budhiman, commented In sync with the Jakarta Marathon,- indonesia’s biggest annual running event – that is to take place on Sunday, 26th October, the Jakarta Sport and Running Expo was officeciated at the Jakarta Convention Hall featuring booths from sponsors and popular sport industries showcasing their finest products, held from 24 – 26 October.

Sapta Nirwandar, Chair of the Jakarta Marathon said that the exhibition will boost the enthusiasm of Jakarta Marathon 2014 and particpitaion in other international scale sport tourism events in Indonesia. Aside from the Sport and Running Expo, the Jakarta Marathon is complemented with series of corresonding events that includes a running clinic and workshop.

This year, the Jakarta Marathon will be participated by no less than 14,120 runners in five categories, namely: the Full Marathon (42km), the Half marathon (21km), 10k, 5k, and “Maratoonz” for children.

“Jakarta Marathon 2013 has successfully increased domestic and international tourist arrivals to the capital city of Jakarta. This is prove that the event contributes to the economy as well as promotes Jakarta on the global stage” stated Sapta Nirwandar at the press conference held in conjunction with the Sport and Running Expo and Jakarta Marathon 2014 last Thursday, 23rd October 2014.

Sapta further added that Jakarta Marathon 2014 is expected to boost the passion that the Jakarta Marathon 2014 is a media to promote Jakarta as representing Indonesia’s diverse cultures which is encapsulated in the nation’s motto of “Bhineka Tunggal Ika” meaning Unity in Diversity. This will be reflected in the 20 entertainment stages set up at several points along the track which will feature both traditional art performances and contemporary pop music. Both runners and spectators will be presented with a variety of unique and distinctly Indonesian music such as the Gambang Kromong, Talempong, Gondang Batak, Rampak Gendang, besides modern Jazz Fusion.

“The National Monument (Monas) Area will be the main entertainment site to feature top artists in the country, that includes the rising teenage super group JKT 48” added Arie Budhiman.

For the event, the province of Jakarta has prepared the total cash prize of IDR2.4 billion which is expected to boost the spirit and motivation of participating runners, and further push the marathon and other sporting activities in Indonesia.

Several main streets that will be closed for the event include: The Southwest crossing of Monas Square-Budi Kemulyaan-Abdul Muis-Majapahit-Gajah Mada-Pintu Besar Selatan-Kunir-Lada Dalam-Hayam Wuruk-Juanda-Pos Street (Pasar Baru)-Istiqlal Mosque-Veteran-West Medan Merdeka-MH. Thamrin. The other route where streets will be closed include: Imam Bonjol-Rasuna Said-Gatot Subroto-Gerbang Pemuda-Asia Afrika-Plaza Senayan-HangTuah-Sisingamangaraja-Sudirman-MH.Thamrin- The Southwest crossing of Monas Square.

The start for the Full Marathon and Half marathon will be flagged off at 05.00 West Indonesia Time. While flag off of the 10K will be at 05.15 West Indonesia Time, and 5K at 05.30 West Indonesia Time. All categories will have their start and finish line at The National Monument area (Monas). All runners are expected to arrive back at the finish line at 07.00 West Indonesia Time. The special Maratoonz category for children will begin at 08.00 West Indonesia Time.

In the Monas Area, spectators can enjoy drum and percussion performances at 05.30, a Solo Batik Carnival and Ondel-ondel carnival at 06.00, Rampak Gendang at 06.30, and Gambang Kromong at 07.15.