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Published on December 8, 2014

The Philippines’ rivers lead to all sorts of adventures, from whitewater rafting down wildly bucking rapids to watching fireflies dance in the early evening hours.

1.1. Loboc River Cruise

Just off the ruins of Loboc Church stands the jump-off point for the Loboc River Cruise: an hour-long leisurely trip down the Loboc River on a giant barge laid out like a floating restaurant. As the cruise proceeds downriver, the scenery becomes greener, more overgrown, and more provincial, with rope bridges overhead and wildlife chattering in the trees. At the Busay Falls terminus of the ride, a musical troupe of children provides a wholesome, melodic end to the tour.

1.2. Donsol Firefly Watching Tour

A leisurely sunset cruise down Donsol River takes you through thickets of vegetation where, as dusk settles over Sorsogon, thousands of fireflies can be seen rising to meet the dark. The river is lined with mangrove, narra and talisay trees – all favorite abodes for the glowing, flying insects. And it’s not just the fireflies: the plankton in the river also show off their bioluminescence skills as dark settles over the river. 

1.3. Chico River Whitewater Rafting

If barreling down Class III and IV rapids is your kind of adventure, you’ll find it along Chico River in the Philippine Cordilleras mountain range. The white water experience along Chico River offers amazing views of the surrounding mountainside interspersed with heart-thumping rapids, drops and ledges as you and your teammates battle for control over the frothing water. Whitewater rafting on Chico River is available all year round, but the months between June and January offer the best conditions.