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Published on September 8, 2021

Ready to experience your next travel thrill in Southeast Asia? Some of Southeast Asia’s most exciting adventures await you in the Philippines. Explore the natural underground river of Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park or swim with the sea turtles in Apo Island. Take a trek up to the crater lake of Mount Pinatubo or adventure through the seven falls of Mambukal Resort. If you love to surf, don’t miss out on a visit to Siargao Island, the surfing capital of the Philippines. Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting adventures for you to partake in when traveling to the Philippines.

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park | Visit Southeast Asia

Float Through An Underground River

In the Saint Paul Mountain Range of the Philippines, an underground world awaits in the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, a rugged and beautiful protected area of the Philippines that flows directly into the sea. Spectacular limestone karsts surround the area with an underground river. The protected park features intact forests and extraordinary wildlife for you to explore on your nature-focused adventure. 

Within the caves are complex ecosystems that have adapted to underground living for hundreds of years. Access the cave by boat, and witness its rare animals, including giant spiders, crabs, fish, and snakes. The underground river tour is perfect for those looking for moderate physical activity, as you will need to take a moderate trek to the entrance of the river. From there, prepare to commune with nature and experience one of the most natural beauties on Earth.

Apo Island | Instagram @gony.sea

Swim With The Sea Turtles

Apo Island is a volcanic island covering 74 hectares of land. Known for its vibrant coral and abundance of marine life, Apo Island is an excellent destination for diving and swimming through the underwater world. 

Within Apo Island is the Apo Island Marine Reserve, home to a large population of wild sea turtles that are protected by the local government. The sea turtles roam through their natural habitat while visitors witness them thriving in crystal clear waters. Swim with the sea turtles for an underwater adventure, but remember not to touch them as they are highly protected.

Mount Pinatubo Philippines | Instagram @jordisark

Take A Trek Up Mount Pinatubo

Prepare to be awe-struck after a trek up to the peak of Mount Pinatubo. Mount Pinatubo Crater Lake is truly a sight to behold, with picturesque views of serene turquoise waters. In 1991, the volcanic eruption left the crater and mudflow landscapes with surrounding sandy cliffs. 

4×4 Jeep | Instagram @evva_yulia

Visitors can take a 4×4 Jeep across Crow Valley and then make the hike up to the summit to experience the beauty of crater lake from a distance. The first 1 of the trek is flat over rocky ground. Along the way, you will pass small streams and lahar valleys. Don’t be afraid of the last 20 minutes of the hike, which is a steeper climb but well worth the hike!

Siargao Island | Instagram @victorgonzalezfoto

Surf Across Crystal Clear Waters

Located in the Surigao del Norte province of the Philippines is the tear-drop-shaped island of Siargao, a tropical paradise with sandy beaches, breathtaking sunsets, natural rock and cave pools, and many opportunities for surfing. 

Adventure-lovers that are searching for the best surf spot should head to the Cloud 9 surfing area. The site is known for its barreling waves with thick, hollow tubes created from the right-breaking reefs. We recommend only experienced surfers visit this spot due to the shallow reefs.

The Cloud 9 viewing deck at the end of the boardwalk is three stories high for viewing the surfers and ocean waves. Visit the viewing deck at sunrise or sunset for the best views.

Mambukal Falls | Photo by Marc Go

Explore Seven Waterfalls

Within Mambukal Resort is an adventurous trek to seven outstanding waterfalls, each with different heights. Mambukal Falls is the complete package with opportunities for nature, adventure, and swimming. A tour guide will take you through the trails, with stops along the way for swimming in the hot springs and sulfur dipping pools. 

Aside from cooling off from your hike in the falls’ natural pools, visitors can also go boating on the lagoon, stroll along the canopy walk, or challenge themselves on the rock climbing wall. Of the destination’s seven stunning waterfalls is the glorious 7th Falls, with a 20-25 foot drop to a small basin. Cold spring water in its natural pool will leave you feeling refreshed after your long trek.

Whether you love to swim, surf, trek, or float, there are many adventurous activities for you to partake in when visiting the Philippines.