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Published on March 2, 2015

An expected  32 yachts participating in the  Sail Malaysia’s annual Passage to the East Yacht Rally will  this year call on the Indonesian  Anambas and Natuna island-clusters in the province of the Riau Archipelago, working in cooperation with local authorities of these two districts.

In Indonesia, better known as the Sail Anambas and Natuna Islands,  the yachts are scheduled to anchor at Anambas between23rd –  27th May and at Natuna Islands between 31st May – 2nd June.   

The Passage to the East Yacht Rally forms part of Sail Malaysia, which starts in Langkawi and finishes at Sabah on the north coast of the island of Borneo.

The Anambas and Natuna archipelagos are Indonesia’s northern-most islands in the South China Sea  located between peninsular Malaysia and the island of Borneo.  And because of their isolated location and sparse population, the islands have retained their pristine shores and are a haven for divers for the surreal underwater life found here. .

The Sail Malaysia Organizing Committee advises Rally participants planning to call on the Indonesian islands of Anamabas and Natuna to acquire a Cruising permit (CAIT) which can be arranged by the Committee.

Participants should fill in a special form and include : 1. Copy of Boat Registration, 2. Boat photo with name shown, 3. Skipper photo, and 4. All copy of passports

While those needing a visa should contact the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia at :