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Published on August 19, 2014

Image © Arthur John AM Photography, used with permission 

This beach, marked by a giant boulder-strewn breakwater, is one of Brunei’s lesser-known sports spots, a relatively undeveloped beach near the Empire Hotel. Surfers enjoy Pantai Tungku’s low, easy waves of about three to four feet in height, barring the very rare barrel.

Pantai Tungku isn’t very well known to the surfing public yet, though that may change. Already, Brunei’s small expat surfer community makes regular visits to the beach, particularly between September and January when the waves top out at five feet in height. From the beach, surfers don’t need to swim out too far to start riding the incoming waves; there are few rocks or sharp corals to really mess up your day.

The beach has a lovely, laid-back feel, with friendly surfers rubbing suntanned shoulders with locals watching the excitement.