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Published on August 4, 2014

The United Federation of Travel Agents’ Association (UFTAA) announced that the organization will hold its 47th Congress and General Assembly on the fascinating tropical island of Bali, Indonesia, from 16th – 19th November 2014 with venue the brand new Aston Ungasan Hotel. The Congress carries the theme : “The Way Ahead”

Attached to the Congress will be the second Forum where delegates are able to air and share concerns with a panel of experts . The first Forum held in Geneva in March was highly successful that delegates requested similar forums in future.

In connection with the Bali Congress, UFTAA also invites participants to join a B2B event as Hosted Buyers. Participants should have a managerial position and be respnsible for their company’s outgoing retail department offering M ICE, FIT. Special interest religious travel and others to be eligible.

UFTAA’s President, Joe Borg Olivier said: “This B2B, being organized with Raja MICE, is a new venture for UFTAA and, by combining business meetings with educational and informative sessions, we hope to attract not only the usual UFTAA delegates but also all travel agents/tour operators, whether they are UFTAA members or not.

You are in the tourism business and I urge you to come and sample Bali’s hospitality industry. This event will be a memorable one, so join us in Bali: We are there to serve the industry!”

Prior to the Congress, Hosted Buyers will have the opportunity to visit Makassar, capital of the province of South Sulawesi, for a 3-day business activity and familiarization trip (Nov. 14th to 16th). Participants will be fully hosted, including flights from and to Bali. This will be another B2B opportunity.

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