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Published on December 8, 2020

Thailand is a mecca of wellness attractions, no matter where you look. In nature, Pai Canyon in Mae Hong Son welcomes adventure seekers to connect with the world around them as they traverse a distinct walkway. The hot springs of Ranong use this natural phenomenon to create a pleasurable tub in which to soak. The Surin Islands in Phang Nga bring visitors to a stunning expanse of coral gardens and white beaches across which you can relax. As for resorts, Onsen at Moncham in Chiang Mai, Chiva-Som International Health Resort in Hua Hin, and Santhiya Koh Yao Yai Resort and Spa provide guests a luxe experience filled with spa treatments, plush rooms, and delicious meals. Anyone looking to try something different, the traditional Lanna-style massage, Yam Khang, has you covered. Speaking of tradition, the Thai Herbal Medicine Museum gives visitors a look into some of the healing practices Thai people have used for centuries. Learn more about wellness attractions in Thailand below.

Pai Canyon

Wellness spot in Thailand | Visit Southeast Asia
Pai Canyon / Instagram @thebrownetown

While a place with steep drops on either side may not sound like a relaxing time, Pai Canyon in Mae Hong Son is an incredible destination for anyone looking to refocus and connect with nature. Known as the Grand Canyon of Thailand, its stunning views live up to the nickname. After a quick walk up 300 steps, visitors reach the first lookout. Continue carefully along as some paths are just one foot wide with 30 feet drops into the canyon on either side. The panoramic views are fantastic at any time of day but are especially magical at sunrise and sunset. Sit back and breathe in the serenity that’s surrounding you.

Surin Islands

Wellness spot in Thailand | Visit Southeast Asia
Surin Islands / Instagram @mariuseder

An electric, blue water surrounds the Surin Islands in Thailand in Phang Nga. Its coral gardens and white beaches are the jumping-off points for snorkeling and diving to explore the marine life below the surface. Surin Islands are an archipelago of five islands within Mu Ko Surin National Park. Visitors can camp on the island to spend longer checking out nature.

Onsen at Moncham

Wellness spot in Thailand | Visit Southeast Asia
Onsen at Moncham / Instagram @puri_hiranprueck

Just outside of Chiang Mai exists an incredibly tranquil destination: Onsen at Moncham. Inspired by the peaceful nature of a traditional Japanese onsen (hot spring), Onsen at Moncham utilizes natural mineral water to create therapeutic indoor and outdoor pools. Stay in one of the resorts’ 16 unique guest rooms and enjoy meals taking inspiration from Japanese and Thai cuisine.

Chiva-Som International Health Resort

Wellness spot in Thailand | Visit Southeast Asia
Chiva-Som International Health Resort / Instagram @chivasomresort

Escape to Chiva-Som Resort in Hua Hin for an immersive wellness experience. A pioneering and legendary luxury spa destination, Chiva-Som offers various retreats, including natural renewal, yoga for life, and tension release. Visit the spa to relax into treatments like a papaya body wrap or the Chiva-Som signature herbal massage. Then lay by the pool to take in the stunning environment as you soak in the positive energy around you.


Wellness spot in Thailand | Visit Southeast Asia
Ranong / Instagram @bank.stn

Long considered to have medicinal properties, the hot springs in Ranong draw visitors to this Thai town. With outdoor baths available at different temperatures, the hot springs bring the spirit of wellness to all who enter them. Spend the day soaking your troubles away as a striking sunset slowly forms above you.

Thai Herbal Medicine Museum

Wellness spot in Thailand | Visit Southeast Asia
Yam Khang Massage / Instagram @unseentourthailand

Once used as a reception hall for King Rama VI, this baroque-style building in Prachin Buri is now an herbal medicine museum. Visitors will learn about traditional Thai medicine and can get treatments done at the day spa. One service of note is called Pao-Ya, or abdominal fire therapy. It is designed to increase digestion and reduce allergies.

Yam Khang Massage

Wellness spot in Thailand | Visit Southeast Asia
Yam Khang Massage / Instagram @unseentourthailand

In Ban Rai Kong Khing, visitors can try a traditional Lanna-style massage known as Yam Khang. Passed down through the generations, this Thai traditional fire therapy involves the masseuse dipping the soles of their feet in healing herbs and oils, which have been heated. They then move the sole of their feet on the body’s pressure points, helping to relieve muscle tension and numbness.

Santhiya Koh Yao Yai Resort and Spa

Wellness spot in Thailand | Visit Southeast Asia
Santhiya Koh Yao Yai Resort and Spa / Instagram @nour.ashouri

This eco-resort is on the cliffside of Koh Yao Yai, a Thai island in the Andaman Sea. With 39 teakwood pool villas and 109 luxe rooms overlooking a private beach, visitors will feel more relaxed from the moment they walk in. A waterfall swimming pool, in-room baths, and an expansive spa menu are just a few of the ways to find calm at Santhiya Koh Yao Yai Resort and Spa.

Whether soaking in a hot bath among stunning views, staying in a luxury resort, getting endorphins from hiking, or having a spa treatment, Thailand is overflowing with wellness attractions.