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Published on December 8, 2014


Take off shoes when entering a house.

Shake people’s hand always using your right hand.

Indonesians are generally extremely welcoming. Always accept an invitation to their homes. It is impolite to refuse.

Respect people’s fast during Ramadhan by not eating in front of them. Generally Indonesians will offer food to their non-Muslim guests even if they fast themselves.

Little souvenirs are always welcome. Take plenty of key rings and other small souvenirs which will please your Indonesian host.


Do not touch children on the head and do not hug people if they do not invite you to do so.

Do not use your left hand to eat if there is no cutlery available.

Do not go to a religious site if not properly dressed. Sleeveless t-shirts and very short shorts are banned when entering a mosque.

Do not use impolite words or profanity when speaking in public.