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Published on December 18, 2014

The weekend before Christmas the Textile Museum in Jakarta exhibits Sumatra’s best handwoven textiles from 18 _ 21 December 2014.  Located at Jalan Aipda KS. Tubun No.2-4, Tanah Abang, Petamburan, Central Jakarta, the Textile Muuseum is open  to the public from 9.0 am to 3.0 pm.  

Among Indonesia’s large variety of traditionally handwoven textiles, the Sumatran Songket stands out since it is woven with fine gold or silver thread which makes the songket gleam with nobility, opulence and elegance. For the Songket is normally used at most important official occasions and traditional weddings. Among the traditional Malay sultans on Sumatra each  had its own motifs, where every motif had its own philosophical meaning and even prayers.  

Today, however, Songket has been taken up as a fashion statement by Indonesia’s top fashion designers. The latest to do so is 23 year old Dian Pelangi, renowned young designer for  Muslim wear. Dian’s creations have raised Songket to elegant modern Muslim wear, She even displayed her exclusive collectionon the catwalks of Washington DC in the United States during the recent DC Fashion Week 2014. .

Songket in modern fashion couture has also become the preferred choice of Indonesian celebrities.  During the recent Indonesia Film Festival 2014, popularfilm stars like Christine Hamim, Widyawati, Chiko Jerico, Revalina S. Temat, Marini, Jajang C. Noer, Reza Rahardian, were all photographed walking the red carpet wearing Songket.

In appreciation of this exquisite material, the Textile Museum of Jakarta, therefore, decided to hold the Sumatra Songket Festival, a Journey of Songket Sumatra, with the aim further boost the love for Songket in Indonesia especially, and for the public to understand its history and difficult process of creation.Many Songket cloths displayed are from the collection of the Cita Tenun Indonesia (Love  Indonesia’s Tenun textiles) organization under leadership of Mrs.  Okke Hatta Rajasa.

The Textile Museum also has a collection with distinct motifs from the four  main Sultanates of  Langkat, Deli, Serdang, and  Asahan  on Sumatra.  

Next to the exhibition, the public is also invited to buy songkets and exclusive handicrafts

There will also be a Bincang Wastra discussions on Thursday, 18 December and  a Songket Sumatra workshop on the 19th December as well as other activities to further inform and create the love for this undisputably exquisite Indonesian material.