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Published on August 5, 2014

Since centuries the people of Java have used herbs, roots and leaves for fitness, medicine and body treatment. These are carefully selected and concocted into health-providing herbal potions and drinks, known in Indonesia as Jamu, recognized to give both outer and inner health and beauty. During this 2014 Visit Central Java Year , the provincial government of Central Java will present the Jamu and Culinary Festival 2014 to be held in the district of Banyumas from 09 – 11 October 2014.

The Festival will highlight Jamu through workshops on the use of Jamu and traditional medicine. There will be a Traditional Jamu Carnaval, demonstrations on how to mix the different herbs, in addition to a Culinary Festival that uses Indonesia’s large variety of herbs. Visitors may try out the different medicinal drinks, enjoy Spa treatment, be given free reflexology massages, and participate in joint exercises. A cultural parade and music will rev up the Festival.

The Jamu and Culinary Festival 2014 will involve some 40 stands, 11 among which will be filled by participants from South East Asia and Korea who will present their own mix of herbs in cuisine, spa and for medicinal purposes.

The province of Central Java is wellknown throughout Indonesia for its alternative health treatments through herbal medicine, to improve breathing, prevent diseases, increase stamina, prevent body odor, to treatments for women before birth, at birth up to menopause. Herbal ingredients used include curcuma, turmeric, galingale, wild ginger, cloves, fennel, ginger, cardamom and a whole range more.

Until today one can still see Javanese girls plying Jamu drinks through the streets of Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Solo and other large cities, carrying a basketful of bottles filled with the different herbal mixtures. These girls are known as “Jamu gendong” – Jamu bearers – and are popular.