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Published on October 27, 2014

The Jakarta Marathon 2014, the Biggest Running Event in Indonesia participated by over 14,000 runners from 47 countries,  was successfully held on Sunday morning, 26th October 2014.  With a pre-dawn start at 5.0 am West Indonesia Time, this annual sport tourism event has now definitely established itself as  an icon of the capital city,  Jakarta,  and of Indonesia.

This year, registered  participants in each category comprised : 2,150 for the full marathon (42km); 3,425 for the half marathon; 5,125 for 10K; 2,950 for 5K; and 470 for the maratoonz category. The event also recorded the participation of 976 international runners from 47 countries including from Japan, Australia, China, Hongkong, Taiwan, England, USA, India, the  Philippines, and Singapore. Japan contributed the largest number of international participants with 400 runners.

As in its inaugural edition last year, this year, the competition was  again dominated by elite international runners from Kenya. With their consistent speed and astounding stamina, the Kenyan elite runners took over  the podium of the full marathon and half marathon category for both Men and Women divisions.

Here are the full results of the Jakarta Marathon 2014:

Full Marathon 42k International Men Category:

First Place: Julius Seurei from Kenya  (2 hours 14 minutes 51 second).

Second Place: Kennedy Liken Kipro from Kenya  (2 hours 16 minutes 47 second).

Third Place: Yusuf Sowgoka from Kenya (2 hours 23 minutes 10 second).

Fourth Place: Nixon Kipkoech Machicim (2 hours 25 minutes 50 second).

Fifth Place: Itillary Kipchircih Kiwutai. From Kenya (2 hours 30 minutes 27 second).

Full Marathon 42k international Women Category

Third Place: Elizabeth Jenuyut Chemweko (2 hours 3 minutes 44 second).

Full Marathon 42k Indonesia Men Category:

First Place: Agus Prayogo (2 hours 32 minutes).

Second Place: Hamdan Syafril Sayuti (2 hours 33 minutes).

Third Place: Ari Swandana (2 hours 36 minutes).

Fourth Place: Nicolas Sila (2 hours 37 minutes).

Fifth Place: Sukarno (2 hours 41 minutes).

Full Marathon 42k Indonesia Women Category:

First Place: Rumini

Second Place: Merry Paijo

Third Place: Erny Ulatningsih

Half Marathon 21K Men Category:

First Place: Joseph Nwangi (1 hour 4 minutes).

Second Place: Silas Muturi (1 hour 6 minutes).

Third Place: Collins Kipkorin (1 hour 11 minutes).

Half Marathon 21K Women Category:

First Place: Peninan Kigen (1 hour 14 minutes).

Second Place: Edinan Koech (1 hour 18 minutes).

Third Place: Jacline Taziro (1 hour 31 minutes).

10K Men Category:

First Place: Jauhari Johan (31 minutes 41 seconds).

Second Place: Ridwandari (31 minutes 57 seconds).

Third Place: Bambang Giyonodari (33 minutes 15 seconds).

10K Women Category:

First Place: Rini Budiarti (37 minutes 1 seconds).

Second Place: Yulianingsih (38 minutes 19 seconds).

Third Place: Fery Subnafeu (40 minutes 6 seconds).

5K Men Category:

First Place: Diker Ariandas (16 minutes 48 seconds).

Second Place: Kaharudin (17 minutes 18 seconds).

Third Place: M. Hafis (18 minutes 18 seconds).

5K Women Category:

First Place: Abigail Setiadi (19 minutes 49 seconds).

Second Place: Anjarsari (20 minutes 37 seconds).

Third Place: Mutia Proborini (21 minutes 57 seconds).