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Published on April 8, 2014

Over 75 malls and trade centers have confirmed participation during this year’s Jakarta Great Sale, which is held in conjunction with the 487th Anniversary celebrations of the capital city and will continue even through the presidential elections in July, confident that the elections will be continue to be held peacefully, said Handaka Santosa, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, as well as Chairman of the Association of Indonesia’s Shopping Centers Managements (APPBI).

The APPBI has this year again been entrusted by the Jakarta Provincial government to organize the event, which last year received most enthusiastic response from shoppers in Jakarta, other parts of Indonesia and overseas with most malls offering some 70% discounts on attractive items.

An FJGS Shopper Card will be issued, and there will be musical stages and other performances presented to attract the public. This is the time when shoppers can enjoy the best bargains, relax at sumptuous restaurants while enjoying lively music. The event will also be an excellent venue to collect Indonesia’s many and varied creative products, both traditional as well as many beautiful and innovative creations.

This year we expect sales to increase to Rp. 13.5 trillion, said Handaka. Last year, sales totaled Rp 11.8 trillion. Through this festival, cooperation among outlets and establishments have strengthened, since during the Great Sale visitors to malls grew by 20%, also resulting in increased contributions in taxes to Jakarta’s provincial government, said Handaka.

And through the support of the Ministry of Trade, Handaka hopes that In the coming yeas the Jakarta Great Sale can be expanded to include other cities on Java to become the Java Great Sale, and further across the archipelago to become : the Indonesia Great Sale, reported antara news.