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Travelers jaded to Southeast Asia’s crowded, frenzied beaches will find in Ngapali Beach a blissful departure from the norm. Instead of packed beaches and tawdry red-light districts, Ngapali Beach offers a more laid-back vibe—a 3km stretch of white sand beach with low-slung buildings, lounge chairs, and the occasional fisherman bringing in their catch. 

The beach on Ngapali is a perfect setting for swimming, sunning, and watersports. Try snorkeling or kayaking around the nearby mangrove forests. Tee off at the humble, nine-hole Ngapali Golf Course. Or take in the view from above, from a hot-air balloon over Ngapali and Thandwe. 

The high quality of the local seafood has put Ngapali Beach on the map; the local restaurants serve freshly-caught tuna, barracuda, and snapper, either grilled or served in a toothsome Burmese curry sauce. 

Thandwe is the main transport hub near Ngapali Beach; visitors either fly in via Thandwe Airport or arrive by bus. High season falls between November and March, so plan accordingly.