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Published on June 12, 2024

Viet Nam draws in vacationers worldwide for its rich cultural experiences, temples, and historically important monuments. Many visitors don’t immediately realize how much effort Viet Nam puts into protecting its natural landscapes. The pristine waters, white sand beaches, soaring mountains, and lush forestry draw you in with their mental and physical healing ability. Visiting the best wellness spots in Viet Nam can create a memorable experience that will have a lasting impact beyond your trip. From the perfect beaches of Phu Quoc and the Son Tra Peninsula Nature Reserve to the natural wonder of the Pongour Waterfall, there is a relaxing experience for all interests. 

Coastal Scenery of Hon Thom Nature Park on An Thoi Archipelago, Phu Quoc Island | Visit Southeast Asia

Phu Quoc

Nicknamed “Pearl Island”, Phu Quoc is home to 150 kilometres of gleaming white sand beaches. While it is a popular vacation destination, the island is also a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Phu Quoc is known for being one of the most relaxing beach destinations in the country. Travellers worldwide come to these perfect beaches to relax in the warm sun as the gentle waves lap at the shores. Breathe in the fresh salt air and experience mind and body healing in this island paradise. There are activities for all types of travellers. Explore the local fishing villages, kayak, paddleboard, windsurf, kitesurf, or relax at luxury resort spas. A uniquely spiritual place to visit is the Dinh Cau Shrine next to the Duong Song Fishing Harbor. This Buddhist shrine was built in 1937 for Thien Hau (the Goddess of the sea). There is also the Suoi Tranh waterfall. This four-meter-high waterfall is surrounded by lush forestry with peaceful walking paths leading to the waterfall, rock pools, and natural caves. 

“Curved beach coastal with boats in the water and Da Nang city in the distance on Son Tra Peninsula, Vietnam” | Visit Southeast Asia

Son Tra Peninsula Nature Reserve

The Son Tra peninsula is considered the “green lung” of the nearby city of Da Nang. To most visitors, it is called Monkey Mountain. Both nicknames are derived from the protected ecosystem that calls the peninsula home. Along the coast are perfect white sand beaches surrounded by picturesque landscapes. The waters are a popular attraction in Viet Nam for their diverse aquatic wildlife, including 191 species of coral. The Son Tra Peninsula Nature Reserve, located on the peninsula, is a popular wellness site in Viet Nam for its nationally protected forests that cover about 60% of the peninsula. The lush vegetation is home to several rare and endangered species, including musk deer, wild boar, 106 species of birds, and several monkey species. Twelve herds of the rare brown-legged languors also call the forests home. These lush forests are perfect for communing with nature and finding your inner peace as you admire the flora and fauna.

Rice fields on NgoDong river in Ninh Binh, Vietnam | Visit Southeast Asia

Tam Coc in Ninh Binh

Located about two hours from Hanoi is the Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex. It is a dual UNESCO World Heritage Site for cultural and ecological significance. The area is famous for its sky-high limestone cliffs and vibrant green rice paddies. One of the most popular wellness attractions is the three caves, Ca Cave, Hai Cave, and Ba Cave. Each was made over a million years ago and offers visitors their own experience. Another popular site is the Thai Vi Temple in the Vu Lam Palace. The Tran Dynasty built it while they were battling the Mongolians. The Thien Huong Cave is another breathtaking experience at 20 metres wide, 40 meters deep, and approximately 60 metres high. Located inside, you will find an altar to Tran Thi Dung, the wife of Emperor Ly Hue Tong. Finally, a can’t-miss spot in Viet Nam is located in the Bich Dong Caves and Pagodas complex. The lotus pond leading to the entrance is famous for its lush beauty. Three structures at different heights take visitors about two hours to ascend. However, the time and effort are well worth it for the stunning vistas of the surrounding forests, rice paddies, rivers, and lakes. 

Pongour Waterfall in Dalat | Visit Southeast Asia

Pongour Waterfall in Dalat

Sometimes, all it takes to find inner peace is to see Mother Nature in all her glory. The Pongor Waterfall in Dalat is one of the best wellness attractions in Viet Nam for this reason. It’s a popular place to visit among locals, giving you a unique perspective into the culture and lives of those who call this beautiful country home. Visitors will stroll along wide gravel paths that lead through lush gardens. Then, they can choose from two paths to get to the waterfalls. There is a gentle dirt path or a long, steep staircase. You can choose one or take one up and the other down. The waterfall was once a wondrous site of rushing water. Today, its flow is controlled by the nearby Da Nhim Dam. The water flows over the intricate rocks, creating an almost dance-like pattern that makes its way over seven individual levels. The entire waterfall measures 100 metres wide and 40 meters high. At the bottom, there is a serene pool where the water collects. Sit on the water’s edge and enjoy peaceful reflection. 

Enjoy the Best Wellness Spots in Viet Nam 

A rich cultural history and stunning natural environments await visitors looking to find relaxation in the best wellness spots in Viet Nam. Phu Quoc boasts the most beautiful beaches, offering everything from local cultural experiences to luxury resorts. The Son Tra Peninsula Nature Reserve allows visitors to see some of the world’s rarest animals. Visiting Tam Coc in Ninh Binh creates a sense of wonder with its natural mountain ranges and rice paddies. Visiting the Pongour Waterfall in Dalat lets travellers experience the peaceful running waters and lush forest surrounding it. 

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