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Published on December 18, 2014

For five consecutive days now ongoing from 16th to 20th December 2014, the public and visitors toJakarta are being entertained with an array of Jakarta’s Betawi performances. Called the Jakarta Art and Cultural Kaleidoscope, the event takes place at the Grand Theatre of Taman Ismail Marzuki art center on Jalan Cikini in Central Jakarta, organized by the Culture and Tourism Office of Jakarta.

There are dramas, traditional dances and music performances as well as an exhibition of photographs. Food lovers will be spoilt with delicious Betawi cuisine including  kerak telor (egg crepe), soto betawi (betawi soup), bir pletok (warming ginger drink) and a whole lot more.

Arie Budhiman, Head of Jakarta’s Culture and Tourism office, said that this time,  presentations include innovative creations made between  2010 to 2014, which are for  the  enjoyment or criticism of viewers and critics alike with the aim to for further growth Jakarta’s arts and culture.

Before the main performance,  the public are able to enjoy music played by street buskers, monologues, tanjidor music and fireworks. Furthermore, visitors can also witness videos of activities undertaken by the Betawi art sector during 2010 – 2014.

Donot miss Betawi comedies where actors trade hilarious rhymes called pantun accompanied by the gambang kromong music. The length of the impromptu rhymes are free, as long as they rhyme.

The indigenous Jakarta Betawi communities are very open to acculturation,absorbing traits from many cultures resulting in innovative creations. Take for example the Betawi Sunda hip-hop dance, which will also be shown in the Jakarta Art and Cultural Kaleidoscope. This dance combines hip-hop into the choreography of traditional Betawi and Sunda dances such as the mask dance, cokek, ronggeng, ketuk tilu, blantek and jaipong.

In the photo exhibition, some  85 art and culture photos will be displayed.  Also shown are items  linked to the cultural performances shown.