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Published on October 6, 2014

The 27th Baba Nyonya Convention 2014 will this year be hosted by Indonesia at the Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jakarta to take place between 28-30 November 2014.

Taking the theme “ Many Destinies United as One“, the Convention is being held for the first time in Indonesia. Organizers have promised to make this into an unforgettable event with unique presentations. There will be an extravagant Gala Dinner to welcome participants from around the globe. Expected participants are not only Peranakan descendents from Singapore and Malaysia, but also from Australia and the United States. These are expected to give performances of the many different participating countries. 

Indonesia will present the rare Wayang Tavip performance, the popular keroncong music, a Peranakan bazaar, a Culinary Festival, and for the more serious side, a Seminar on Batik Peranakan and Peranakan Cuisine.

Peranakan are descendents of mixed marriages, in this case between Chinese mainlanders who married local women when they migrated around the 15th to the 17th century, then settled predominantly in the Malay Peninsula, Singapore, Malaysia and the Indonesian islands. They are more popularly called Baba (mister)and Nyonya (mrs.).

Through assimilation, a blend of cultures ensued over time consisting of part Chinese and part local culture, not only in their values, beliefs and traditions, but also in music, dress, cuisine and language. Since Malay and the cultures on the Indonesian islands vary from region to region there are distinct differences but also many similarities among the Peranakan in the different countries and regions.

Jakarta has a large number of Chinese heritage buildings in the Glodok area such as the Toko Merah, there is the Oldest Chinese temple in Jakarta, Candra Naya Building, and plenty more.  To meet a community still very much immersed in the Peranakan culture, a visit to the Benteng area with its Benteng Heritage Museum in Tangerang is a must. Jakarta also offers a host of Peranakan restaurants, from Fine Dining to street food.

For Peranakan Batik sarongs, Pekalongan and Cirebon are main cities along the north coast of Java that produce the best Batiks influenced by  Chinese culture. While outside Java, regions deeply steeped in Peranakan culture are on the island of Belitung  in Sumatra and Singkawang in West Kalimantan.  

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