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Published on October 7, 2022

Warm, historic, luxurious, rich with culture and good food, Thailand has long been a popular destination. This tropical Southeast Asian nation has some of the world’s best wellness spots due to its flourishing emerald landscape and ancient traditions of spirituality.

From hot springs to vibrant natural retreats, Thailand has hundreds of incredible destinations for reconnection and rejuvenation. Keep reading to learn more about our five best recommendations.

San Kamphaeng Hot Springs

The San Kamphaeng Hot Springs | Visit Southeast Asia

Surrounded by lush, elegant mountains and a beautifully manicured garden, the San Kamphaeng Hot Springs are both a fun tourist attraction and a restorative wellness spot. Located outside of Chiang Mai – the second largest city in Thailand – San Kamphaeng is easily accessible by car. The baths are naturally filled with mineral water from the hot springs. Bathing in this water provides numerous health benefits, from skin detoxification to boosting happiness levels.

At San Kamphaeng, two main hot springs shoot water 20 meters (about 65 feet) into the air; the water is so naturally hot that you can even boil eggs. Once in the mineral baths, the water will cool down to a soothing temperature. You can enjoy the hot springs in a traditional mineral bath, a mineral swimming pool, or a foot bath if you don’t want to get completely soaked. While in the bath, you can take in the sights of the park’s abundant flower gardens and verdant hills. Afterward, you can explore the local souvenir shops.

You’ll be able to relieve yourself of stress and connect closely with nature (and Thai culture) with a visit to the San Kamphaeng Hot Springs.

Wat Pho

Wat Pho Temple | Visit Southeast Asia

Meditation and spirituality are two essential aspects of mental health and wellness. As one of the world’s most Buddhist nations, Thailand emphasizes Buddhism’s practices, philosophies, and benefits. And Buddhism has long been proven to benefit mental health with its teachings of inner peace, connection, and empowerment. The best places to explore these philosophies, and learn to apply them to your wellness practice, are in Thailand’s many temples.

Wat Pho, in particular, is one of the most-visited temples in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital. Founded in the 16th century, it has over a thousand educational marble inscriptions and a mother-of-pearl Buddha. The inscriptions teach everything from orthopedics and anatomy to history. Wat Pho has a deep connection with wellness: it is considered the founding place of traditional Thai massage. In accordance with this heritage, it also has a massage center, open daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. (Make sure to book in advance, as this location is extremely popular).

During a visit to Wat Pho, you will be able to see one of the world’s most important reclining Buddhas, get an exquisite Thai massage, read ancient teachings, and practice meditation. The range of wellness activities available at this temple makes it one of the best and most essential wellness spots on this list.

Lumphini Park

Lumphini Park | Visit Southeast Asia

Another Bangkok destination, Lumphini Park was the city’s first public park. Its natural environment and fresh air are popular among locals and tourists alike, whether for leisure or exercise. Lumphini Park is home to a gorgeous lake and countless flora and fauna. It is a popular destination for outdoor activities, including jogging, yoga, and Tai Chi, the traditional Chinese meditational martial art. Many people also come to Lumphini Park to read or picnic in the fields by the lake.

In addition to outdoor leisure, there are also other attractions at Lumphini Park. The space is home to a 1942 statue of King Rama VI, a public library, a food and beverage center, and a youth sports center. The Lumphini Park lake is also open to paddleboats and rowboats, which are available to rent. Finally, on the last Sunday of every month, Buddhist Dharma Activities are held at the park, where guests can learn Buddhist teachings and meditate.

A soothing respite from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, Lumphini Park is a beautiful place to exercise, lounge, picnic, and meditate. Its power as a wellness spot derives from its close connection to nature and its tight community.

Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga (SUP Yoga)

Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga (SUP Yoga) in Thailand | Visit Southeast Asia

A cutting-edge activity with an even cooler name, Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga is an up-and-coming wellness trend in Thailand. Yoga has long been an established wellness practice for its meditative and strengthening properties. However, on a paddleboard, yoga becomes more exciting, closer to nature, and a good way to see local sights! Though the idea of doing yoga on such a wobbly surface may scare you, it is easier than you may think. The experience will improve your balance and inject energy into your yoga practice.

Thailand is known for its sandy beaches and crystal-clear water, making it one of the most stunning places to try SUP Yoga. Phuket, an island in southern Thailand that is home to some of the country’s best beaches, is also one of the best places to practice SUP Yoga. Skyla’s Surf & SUP Club offers daily classes set against the azure waters of Phuket’s beaches. Another popular destination for SUP Yoga is Koh Samui, another Thai island – click here for more information on a Koh Samui program.

It will be life-changing no matter where you choose to explore the SUP Yoga experience. Do your warrior poses, downward dogs, and cobras on the beautiful oceans of Thailand.

Namtok Pha Charoen National Park

Namtok Pha Charoen National Park | Visit Southeast Asia

This national park’s main focus is a spectacular waterfall in Thailand’s Tak Province. Leafy forests and diverse wildlife surround it. Namtok Pha Charoen covers about 855 square kilometers, full of trails, waterfalls, and lookout points. It is even home to the highest viewpoint on the Thailand-Myanmar border.

The biggest waterfall at Namtok Pha Charoen has an impressive 97 tiers; it is a natural wonder. This waterfall is a must-see for lovers of nature and those who want to pursue wellness through reconnecting with nature. You can hike through the fertile environment, bask in the natural light, and even dip in one of the many waterways. Connecting with nature is a proven method to improve mental health, making Namtok Pha Charoen National Park an incredible wellness spot.